Windows 8 Text Spinner App: Spin Text And Generate Upto 25 Variations

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Spin My Text is a free Windows 8 text spinner app. It is a handy Windows 8 app, that can help you in quickly creating various text alternatives for the text, that you want to include in your content, which is to be used in business documents, speeches, blogs, biography, or simple write-up. This app has the ability to generate good and meaningful variations of a text content. All that is needed from your end is, you have to input the text in right format. The app has very simple syntax format, which is: {{option1|option2|option3}}, and the good thing about this text spinner app is, you can use as many options as you need, plus you can use nesting (one spin syntax under another spin syntax) of the syntaxes.

Spin My Text

And once the app generates the variations then, you can copy the complete syntax in clipboard and paste it in any other text editor app, or you can save the variations as a text file.

Spin multiple lines of text using this Windows 8 text spinner app:

The app certainly is useful and practical. It did take a while, to understand the proper working of the app. Though, it does give an example for how the syntax has to be. But once, I got a hold of the app, it became so easy. I liked the fact that the app is clean and is very fast. The text variations that it generates are good and are meaningful. Maintaining meaning is what, that is important. And, the app does creates text variations without loosing it’s meaning. Plus, the app also supports the basic select all and cut, copy, paste features.

So, it becomes easy to input the source text. You can either start typing the input text or open a .txt file which has the source text. Now, this is a good feature. The only thing required here is, the source text must maintain the proper syntax. Otherwise, it can’t spin the text to make a meaningful sentence. Here’s an example of how the text syntax should be:  Hi this is {{test|work}} and, I am working on {{Windows 8|Desktop|ilovefreesoftware}}. Following is the result of the syntax:

Spin My Text - example result

That was just a simple text spin. Good thing is, the app lets you do nesting of multiple syntaxes, that is one option set, inside another option set. Here’s an example:

Spin My Text - entering nested source

And here’s it’s result:

Spin My Text - text variations

You can then simply click on Copy button at bottom flyout, to copy the complete result in clipboard, and then simply, paste it in any text editor app. Or, if you want to save the complete variations for later references, then click on Save File button. It’ll get saved in .TXT format. The app integrates with SkyDrive, and you can directly save variations directly to SkyDrive. Plus, there’s one more good feature in this Windows 8 text spinner app. You can share the output with friends directly using Windows 8 Share Charm.

Spin My Text - sharing result

Simply enter input text in proper syntax, then set the number of variations, that you want by sliding the slider present at top left, and then, click on Spin My Text button. The app automatically generates variations is few seconds.

Key features of this Windows 8 text spinner app:

  • Completely free.
  • Good Windows 8 text spinner.
  • Spins the text of multiple lines together.
  • Supports nesting of spin syntax.
  • Option to set number of variations.
  • Save variations directly to SkyDrive or locally.
  • Integrated with Windows 9 Share Charm.
  • Clean UI and easy.

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Final note:

Spin My Text is certainly a good Windows 8 text spinner. It’s functional, useful and easy. The only issue that I had with the app is, it crashed once or twice. Otherwise it’s all good. It is well aided with good enough features, making it a good text spinner.

Get Spin My Text here.

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