Reddit-Style Video Platform to Discover New Music Videos

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a new Reddit-style platform to discover new music videos. Finding good music videos is not so easy. One of the major go-to platforms for finding music videos is YouTube. But YouTube prioritizes the regional content and uses algorithms based on numbers to fill your feeds. is designed to help you break your YouTube recommendation bubble. It has a Reddit-style interface where you get human-curated recommendations for new and good music videos. You can sort videos and filter by time, genre, format, release date, etc. On top of that, it also offers a television-like experience where you get to stream curated music videos non-stop.

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Reddit-Style Video Platform to Discover New Music Videos

The first you noticed when you visit the website is how similar it seems to Reddit. It shows music videos as posts in the feed. You can use the platform without an account but having an account allows you to upvote videos.

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Just like Reddit, you can sort the videos from the top of the feeds. You can sort by New, Mix, and Top. Then you can filter the video by upload date which is also the release date and switch the feed view between Card and List.

Right to the feed, you get a list of music genres, release date, and format. You can click on any option from the list to filter out the relevant music videos.

music video tv

The platform has a TV MODE that opens a fullscreen video player and keeps playing the videos from your feeds. You get the basic multimedia controls to play/pause, seek backward and forward. Almost all the videos are hosted on YouTube but if you have a video that is not on YouTube, you can submit it directly to

Closing Words is a nice platform to discover new music videos outside your YouTube recommendation bubble. The filters allow you to precise discover teh videos as per your taste and find new music. Give it a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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