5 Free Website To Combine Multiple RSS Feeds Into A Single RSS Feed

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Here is the list of 5 Free Websites To Combine Multiple RSS Feeds Into Single RSS Feed. These websites let you add URLs of multiple RSS feed that you want to combine, and then give URL of a single RSS feed that combines contents of all those RSS feeds.

Almost all the feed readers out there support multiple RSS feeds. So, there aren’t lot of reasons why you would want to combine multiple RSS feeds into one. But in case you do, these services would easily let you do that.

One of the reasons I had combined a few RSS feeds into one was to filter RSS feeds via Yahoo Pipes; so, instead of repeating filters for all of them, I just combined them into one RSS feed and then applied filters on combined RSS feed. Another occasion I had combined RSS feeds was when I wanted to display feeds for all my websites in sidebar of my WordPress blog. The widget that I was using at that time supported only one RSS feed, so I used one of these services to combine feeds into one and passed to that widget.

If you also have one such reason to combine RSS feeds, then these services would come handy to you.


Cimbined RSS Feeder - ChimpFeedr

ChimpFeedr (from MailChimp) is one of the best free online service to combine multiple RSS feeds into one. Just go to the homepage of this website, provide URLs of all the feeds that you want to combine together, and it will give you a combined URL of all the feeds. There is no limit on number of feeds that you can combine. The best feature that I like of this service is that it does not even requires any registration. Just go to the homepage and start adding the feeds that you want to combine. Another interesting feature that it provides is that it lets you resize images, so that you can see their scaled down versions in RSS feed. The downside of this website (actually, almost all the websites in this list, except Yahoo Pipes) is that once you have added some feeds to make a combined RSS feed, there is no option to edit it later, so as to add or remove some feeds from that.

You can read its full review here.


Cimbined RSS Feeder - RSS Mix

RSS Mix is another easy to use online service to combine RSS feeds. It lets you combine up to 100 RSS feeds into one. It gives a XML and JSON URL of the combined feed, that you can pass to any RSS reader or RSS Parser. As is the case with ChimpFeedr, this one also does not requires any login, and feed once created can’t be modified later.


Cimbined RSS Feeder - FeedKiller

FeedKiller is another website that lets you combine RSS feeds. It comes with some limitations, but it comes with some additional features as well.

Limitation: It lets you combine only 5 RSS feeds.

Additional Feature: You can specify number of stories that you want to include for each RSS feed that you add. You can include a maximum of 10 stories per RSS URL that you add.

So, if you want to combine only up to 5 RSS feeds, and want a granular control on number of stories from each feed that are included in the combined feed, then FeedKiller is a good option.


Cimbined RSS Feeder - FeedRoll

FeedRoll is another online RSS aggregator to combine RSS feeds. This one also puts a restriction that you can combine up to 5 RSS feeds only. Additionally, it lets you limit number of elements per feed (up to 15). But instead of being able to limit number of items separately for each feed that you enter (like it is possible with FeedKiller mentioned above), you can make just one global setting for all the RSS feeds.

Yahoo Pipes

All the services mentioned above are super easy to use. And there are some other similar services as well out there. But instead of including them also here, I wanted to included a RSS tool that is one of my favorite: Yahoo Pipes. Yahoo Pipes is as powerful as it gets. You can combine RSS feeds, filter them, choose which elements to display of each feed, and do lot more stuff. Also, at any point in time, you can add / delete / modify the feeds that you include in your combined feed. So, if you think that in future you might have a need to add or remove feed items from combined feed, without changing the URL of combined feed, then this is the only option in this list that lets you do that.

Despite its strength, the reason I have included it in the end is because it is not as simple to use as other services included in this list. Still, once you get a hang of it, you will love its power. I will just briefly cover here how to combine multiple RSS feeds using Yahoo Pipes (for more detailed tutorial, you can refer to this and this). Essentially, you go to Yahoo Pipes, drag “Fetch Feed” module and then add feeds in that which you want to combine. One fetch feed module can have up to 10 Feeds. If you just need those many, just pass the output of that module to “Pipe Output” and publish your final combined feed. If you need to add even more RSS feeds, you can add more Fetch Feed modules, and feed outputs of all such modules to a “Union” module and then pass output of Union module to Pipe Output module. And of course, you can modify RSS feeds in any way you want with included powerful tools of Yahoo Pipes.

Cimbined RSS Feeder - Yahoo Pipes

The major advantage of using Yahoo Pipes is that at anytime you can modify your included feeds, and add / remove feeds from that, without changing the final feed URL.


As I said in the beginning, there aren’t many reasons why you might want to combine RSS feeds, but in case you need to, the list above should serve your purpose. If you need a quick solution without lot of customizations, then first four in this list would work for you. But in case you need a more powerful solution with lot of customization options, then Yahoo Pipes would be your best friend.

Do you need to combine RSS feeds? Why? Which service do you use for that? Let me know in comments below.

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