Free Meme Maker by Filmora to Generate Memes from Video, GIF Online

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Memes have become very popular in recent years. They have arguably taken over the jokes. Memes are short and contain both, text and graphical content, which makes them perfect for today’s busy lifestyle. If you had to make memes a few years back, there weren’t many options available.

Nowadays, there are lots of online tools, mobile apps, and software to help you generate memes. But all those tools are limited to one media type. They either make image and/or GIF or video memes. In this article, I will cover a free online meme maker where you can make image, GIF, and video memes right in one editor. With this tool, you can easily make memes and download without any watermark or registration.

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Generate Memes from Video, Image, GIF

Filmora offers a free online meme maker tool where you can make video, image, and GIF memes. This tool doesn’t even requires you to create an account, you can start making memes right away. The process of making memes with this tool involves three simple steps.

Upload Media:

Filmora free online meme maker

To make a meme, upload your media file (video, image, or GIF) to this editor. You can drag & drop a file from your local storage or enter a URL to load a file from the web.


free online meme generator

Once the file is uploaded, this tool gives you an option to edit the file. In case of an image or GIF file, this tool gives you a crop option where you can crop the image in any desired ratio by dragging the handles. If your image has something extra that you don’t want to show in the meme, you can crop that out here.

Filmora free online video meme maker

In case of a video file, you get a trim option instead of crop. Here, you can preview your video file and trim the segment that you want to use in the meme. You can trim your video either by the slider or input specific start and end time. When you set the trim limits, this tool shows the duration of the selected segment. After that, simply click the “Done!” button to trim the video and move to the next step.

Add Text Caption:

free online gif meme maker

In this step, you can add text captions on the top and bottom of your media file. This tool has two options to add the text caption:

  • Text Inside: This option adds the text within the dimension of your file with a transparent background.
  • Text Outside: This option adds text outside to the file and you can choose either black or white caption area background.

After adding the text caption, you can choose a font face for the text. You can also set the text alignment, make it bold and change its size and color. After finalizing all these customizations, you get an option to select an output file type. The file type format stays the same for videos and GIFs; but for image files, you get PNG and JPG options. You can select any output file format (if applicable) and create the meme. From the next page, you can download meme to your computer.

Give this free online meme maker a try here.

Closing Words:

Filmora Free Online Meme Maker is a simple tool to make video, image, and GIF memes online from respective files. The process of making memes is straightforward which allows you to easily make memes within a minute or two.

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