Free Online IDE for more than 65 Programming Languages: CodeIt

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CodeIt is a free online editor and compiler for more then 65 coding languages. CodeIt is a lightweight tool which is developed using Java and hence supports both Windows and Linux Operating Systems. It is a JAR file and does not need installation but requires internet connection, so you can just download it and it is ready to be used. But before that you would need JSE installed on your system to run it. Check out the screenshot below.

CodeIt is developed using Ideone API. As you can see from the above screenshot, you would need to select Programming language of your choice from the list on left hand side. Then, you can write the source code of that language under Source Code window and run it online. It will first compile the code and then show you the result under output window.


Apart from writing code in Source code window, CodeIt allows you to upload source code file and input file from your system and then run it. Further on it also allows you to save the output in the form of file into the system. After writing source code, click on Submit button and it will then compile the code and returns the output in case of successful compilation.


As you can see in the above screenshot, it will give the result in Output Screen. Apart from giving the output, it also tells you the time consumed and Memory Utilized while generating output. However, you would not be able to edit Source code or Input in Output Window. If you want to make any changes to code, you would need to go back to the main screen of CodeIt.

CodeIt lets you share your source code, you can do this by selecting Public or Private, while submitting the code. The link to share is available on the Output Window at the Top. If you select Public, you would be able to share the code for public viewing on, with various other details. If, you select Private while submitting, it will be available/ visible for only those people who have this link to the code, see the screenshot below.


Key Features of CodeIt:

  • CodeIt provides an IDE environment to write code for more then 65 programming languages.
  • It is extremely easy to use.
  • You can select any language on left hand pane, write code in that language and run it.
  • You can select a source code file and run that code.
  • It even lets you save the output file on your system.
  • You can choose to share code publicly or privately.
  • Lightweight app, which does not even need installation.

Overall Review

CodeIt is a great app for programming enthusiasts, as it provides an environment to code in various different languages under one window. You won’t have to install the compiler or interpreter for each and every language  separately. It is lightweight and does not take much of system space. However it would require internet connection to run and load the IDE. Get CodeIt from this link.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Linux, Windows,
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