Top Free Blockchain-Based Social Network Platforms

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Blockchain technology distributes the information on a discrete network in encrypted form and hence makes it decentralized and always available. This technology has many merits which can be put to use to provide safe, reliable, and secure services in various areas. Social network platforms are taking the heat these days. So, having a blockchain-based social network can be a good solution from a user’s privacy and security standpoint.

This article covers 3 free blockchain-based social network platforms. Each of these platforms has a specific area of interests. The first one offers a safe and secure communication media along with general social networking. The second one is a decentralized rearward platform to post monetized articles. And, the last one provides a reliable platform for recruiters and job hunters with a trustworthy business community. So, let’s check them out one by one in details.

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3 Top Free Blockchain-Based Social Network Platforms:


blockchain based social network eChat

The first blockchain-based social network on this list is e-Chat. It’s a combination of instant messaging and social network packed in a single app available for Android and iOS devices. This is a mobile device specific platform which you can not use on the web or on a computer. To ensure online safety and privacy, e-Chat provides a peer-to-peer secure social media platform using an IPFS technology.

Now, in terms of social media, it a similar to Instagram with additional features and perks. You can following other people to see their posts in your feeds and add your posts (text, photos, and videos) as well. It has a content creator option (paid channels) which let creators/users get tips from the audience on their content.

Apart from the social network, this app also features a discrete one-to-one and group chats with complete privacy. It has a built-in payment feature which you can use for contactless payments such as payments via NFC and QR code. With all these features, it is a solid app to consider if you are planning to move to a blockchain-based social network.

Give this blockchain based IM app a try here.


blockchain based social network Steemit

Steemit is a blockchain-based social network where you can post articles, upvote content, and get paid for good content. It seems like a mixture of Reddit and Medium with blockchain technology at its core. It uses the steem blockchain, a decentralized reward platform to monetize content, and offers a secure social network.

The free sign up process involves 1-2 weeks of waiting in the signup queue which you can avoid using the Pay to Signup option. Once you have an account, you can start posting articles on Steemit and build a community. Other users can upvote your article, add comments, and share your posts. Based on the upvotes and views, you get paid for your content. The total pending payout on each post is visible to the public as well.

From a user’s standpoint, you can browse the network by Trending, Hot, New, and Promoted content categories by switching to the respective tab at the top of the homepage. You can follow authors to see their posts in your feeds and use the search option to look up posts. Steemit uses tags which makes it easy to find relevant content on the network. At the time of this writing, Steemit is in Beta and it’s a website, so, you can access it on any device with an internet connection and a web browser.

Give this blockchain based social network a try here.


blockchain based social network for business community

Indorse is a decentralized social network based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a Linkedin-like platform solely dedicated to developers. Apart from being based on a blockchain technology, Indorse has unique and productive features that no other similar platform offers right now.

One of the main problems with most of the job offering and job hunting platforms is that the users can easily lie in their profile and there is no simple way to verify that. This adds extra selection steps for the recruiters to filter out the potential candidatesIndorse is very different from other traditional job offering and job hunting platforms.

On Indorse, a user can not add a skill until he/she verifies that. When users add a skill, this platform gives them an assignment which they have to submit within a specific time frame. Then the assignment is judged anonymously by random other users. Once the submitted assignment fulfills the requirements, only then a skill is added to a profile. Apart from the Skill Verification, Indorse has Reputation score and Validation Connections to easily short out the candidates. It also uses several AI-based tools for automatic verification of the user.

With that said, Indorse eases up the hiring process for recruiters and gives them the potential future employes. It has benefits for the candidate as well. With the fake claimers removed, there is less competition and real opportunities.

You can check out this blockchain-based social network for business community here.

Closing Words:

These are the 3 free blockchain-based social networks that you can use right now. The blockchain technology makes these network reliable, safe, and secure. Along with the security and privacy, these social network platforms offer features which are hard to find anywhere else. Give them all a try and lets us know what you think about them. Is any of them have the potential to become the mainstream platform in their respective area? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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