5 Online Disney Movie Trivia For Kids

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In this article, I will cover 5 online Disney movie trivia for kids.

With a 94 years long legacy, Disney has released around 56 animated movies so far. There is no doubt that Disney movies are most favorites among kids. It doesn’t only stop there; with beautiful animation and heart touching stories, these movies are popular among grown-ups as well.

There are lots of Disney fans all around the world. For all those Disney fans, especially kids, here are 5 Disney movie trivia to put your Disney knowledge up for the test. These online trivia cover various types of questions about Disney movies, their stories, and characters. Give these trivia a try and see how much of a Disney fan are you.

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Here Are 5 Online Disney Movie Trivia For Kids:

Oh My Disney

Disney movie trivia

Oh My Disney is an official Disney website with Disney nostalgia, quizzes, news, online store and more. Here, you can find hundreds of Disney trivia quizzes from various Disney movies. You can find quizzes focused on a specific Disney movie or covering many Disney movies. The names of these quizzes give you a pretty good idea of what you going to find in the quiz. For example, the name of the quiz featured in the screenshot above is “Can You Guess the Disney Movie from the Random Object?“. In this quiz, a random object is shown to you and you have to guess the movie in which it was featured. On this website, you can play lots of entertaining trivia quizzes like this.

Try these online Disney movie trivia here.

Fun Trivia

online Disney movie trivia

Fun Trivia is a free trivia website with lots of fun and entertaining trivia quizzes. Here, you can find around 59 different Disney movie trivia quizzes. These quizzes are ranked by their difficulty level. Different quizzes feature different types of questions here. For example, there is a quiz named “Disney Princess and Heroines” which has questions about various Disney female characters. The quizzes here are very creatively designed around their titles. There is also an hourly Disney quiz which gets updated every hour. This quiz has 590 questions in rotation from all the Disney trivia quizzes featured on this website. You also get scores in all these quizzes which you can use to evaluate your Disney knowledge and find out how big of a Disney fan you are.

You can try these online Disney movie trivia here.


free Disney movie trivia

Playbuzz is an online storytelling platform where users can post any types of story, quiz, survey, article, etc. There is a Disney movie trivia quiz posted by a user. The name of this quiz is ‘The Ultimate Disney Movie Trivia‘. It has 30 multiple choice questions from various Disney movies. Every question has a relevant photo attached to it. These questions cover various movies facts, dialogs, characters, references and more. Based on the question statement, you have to select the correct answer from the given options. Once you select an answer, the correct answer gets marked by green color. At the end of the trivia quiz, you get a score out of 30 which represents the number of questions you got right.

Check out this online Disney movie trivia here.


online Disney movie trivia free

Quizony is a free online quiz platform with a huge collection of quizzes, riddles, games, and articles. You can find many different Disney quizzes on Quizony. Here is a link to a Disney quiz I found there. This quiz has 29 questions to test your Disney knowledge. These are the multiple choice questions covering various Disney movies. When you mark your answer for the given question, it automatically takes you to the next question. Your percentage score reflects your performance in the quiz. From there, you can also revisit the quiz and verify your answers with the correct ones.

Give this online Disney movie trivia a try here.


free online Disney movie trivia

Zimbio is an entertainment website where you can find news and entertaining content about movies, TV, and music. It also features quizzes movies and TV programs. For Disney movies, it has a “Can You Identify the Disney Movie from the Screenshot?” quiz, where it shows you an image from a Disney movie and you have to guess the name of that movie. This quiz features 20 of these types of questions. After each question, it tells you whether you got the right answer or not. In case of the wrong answer, it tells you the correct answer to that question. When you finish all 20 questions, you get a percentage score based on the number of questions you answered correctly.

Here is a link to try this online Disney movie trivia.

Closing Words

These are the 5 online Disney movie trivia you can play online. These trivia quizzes are very entertaining and fun. During these quizzes, there are fair chances of getting the nostalgic feeling about the time you watched the related movie. Go, have fun with these quizzes and enjoy your Disney nostalgia. The main focus of this article is supposed to be on kids but, when it comes to Disney, we all kinda feel like a kid.

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