5 Free Wordle Solver Websites

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Wordle is ‘the’ colorful word game that has taken the Internet by storm. It was created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer from New York apparently to get over the boredom due to the Covid lockdowns. It was purchased by New York Times in Jan. 2022. Everybody seems to be playing it now and sharing their results on social media platforms.

The aim of the game is to guess the correct 5-letter word within a maximum of 6 attempts. After each try, colored tiles give you a hint to get the right word. A Green tiled letter means a correct letter in the correct place. Yellow signifies a correct letter, in the wrong position while a Grey tile shows that the letter isn’t in the word at all. If the full 5 letters turn Green, you have got the word.

In this article we review 5 Wordle Solvers that may give you an edge you need to beat your opponents in Wordle.

1. WordfinderX

WordfinderX is a jumble solver tool that can help you in Scrabble, Word Cookies and clearly, Wordle. It comes in handy to improve your command of language as well as hones your skills in lot of board games.

Make 1-2 attempts in Wordle so that you get some colored hints. Analyze your results carefully and fill in the requisite information in WordfinderX. Type a maximum of 15 probable letters in the ‘Your Letters’ textbox including wildcards like ‘?’ and ‘space’. Specify the starting letter’, ending letter’, excluded letters’ and the length of the word (5 letters) in the respective textboxes. Finally fill in the letters included in the word in any position in the ‘Include’ textbox and the letter present in the word in known positions in the ‘Contains’ textbox. Select ‘All Dictionaries’ from the scroll down and click ‘Search’.

WordfinderX will give you all words based upon the information that you just provided. Choose any preferable word and make the next attempt. If your guess isn’t correct, you can provide some additional information to the tool based upon further clues given by Wordle. This cycle will eventually help you to win the game.

Click here to navigate to WordfinderX

2. The Word Finder

This is a Wordle Solver which deploys a similar methodology and color coding as that used by Wordle. Hence if you are used to Wordle, you will find this tool much the same. Like the previous solver, this tool can also help you to play Scrabble and other similar board games.

Start with making 1-2 intelligent guesses in Wordle. In ‘The Word Finder’ select the game size as ‘5 letter word’. Place the Green tiled letters of Wordle in the ‘Placed Letters’ textbox in the exact spot. Next, put the Yellow tiled letters in the ‘Valid Letters’ textbox and the Grey tiled letters in the ‘Bad Letters’ boxes.

Click update and you will get a possible exhaustive words list depending on the information that you provided. Use one of these words, proceed into the game and provide some more information to ‘The Word Finder’ based upon further hints from Wordle. The list of suggestions soon becomes narrower and more targeted as you inch towards the solution.

You can click here to use ‘The Word Finder’.

3. Hanging Hyena

Hanging Hyena is another Wordle Solver which works zapping fast. As the earlier solvers, it creates a word list of Wordle answer ideas entirely based on the letter hints that you have already got from Wordle.

Make 1-2 careful guesses in Wordle and take the colored hints. Type the letters in the respective text boxes in Hanging Hyena. The boxes are appropriately named to resemble the hints from Wordle. Click ‘Get Words’, and a fast dictionary search will present you a possible list of words based on the clues you offered.  Use a specific result from this list in Wordle and get the next set of colored tiles. Update the information in Hanging Hyena to narrow the results and get to the mystery word.

Go ahead and try this solver from this link.

4. Word Tips

Wordtips works much the same as the previous two solvers. This tool too, works quite fast and requires that you attempt 1-2 tries in Wordle to generate some hints.

Once you get the hints from Wordle, type the Yellow and Grey tiled letters in the ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ letters textboxes respectively. Next, place the Green tiled letters from Wordle at the correct spot in the space for ‘Placed Letters’ and click Search. Once you get the possible clues from ‘Wordtips’, choose a word and use it in Wordle for the next batch of clues. Proceed ahead to narrow the results list in ‘Wordtips’ and arrive at the correct solution.

Word Tips is available from this link.

5. Wordmaker

This is one of the best Wordle Solvers in the visual sense, as it displays the text boxes to be typed, in the same colored tiles as we use in Wordle. This makes it very easy to use.

After 1-2 attempts at Wordle and getting the requisite clues, type in Green colored tiles in Wordle in the Green boxes in ‘Wordmaker’ and so on and so forth. Click on ‘Find Words’, and get the list of possible words to solve the puzzle. Repeat the process to taper down the word list with further clues from Wordle till you get to the answer.

Click here to use this solver and win Wordle.

So, all in all, there are a lot of Online Wordle solvers available free of cost. Use them one by one and decide which is best suited for you based upon the speed of response, visual appeal and most importantly how quickly they narrow down to the mystery word.

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