Save Pickle’s Life By Jumping In This Windows 8 Arcade Game

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Pickle Life is a Windows 8 Arcade Game. In this game, you, as a pickle have to get to the exit of the game. In the game, a number of gems would also be present in your way, which you have to collect. Collect the keys to unlock next levels in this Platform jumping game. Beware! The lady bugs are also on a hunt. Keep yourself safe by maintaining distance from them.

The game uses good quality graphics and sounds which would keep you addicted. The game uses easy controls.

Pickle Life is freely available under the games category of the Windows store.

Pickle Life

About this Windows 8 Arcade Game

As you get into the game, the option to start playing would be displayed on the same page.

Pickle Life- Main screen

Along with that, the option to see how to play the game would also be shown to you.

To start with, let me tell you about the game:

In this game, you have to control a pickle to the end of the level. During its journey, it will come in contact of a number of things like Gems, Lady Bugs, and other things. You have to collect the gems that are present in the level. A number of lady bugs would be roaming around. These lady bugs are hungry, and are on hunt. You have to keep away from them. You can jump on them to kill them.

You would be given two lives in the beginning, and for surviving through the next levels, you have to collect more that appear while playing.

The game has a number of platforms present in the playing area. These platforms may be static, or may be moving here and there. Some of them would be moving really fast. You have to land on the platforms so as not to fall. The game also has a key present in it. Unless, you collect it, you won’t be able to complete the level, and won’t be able to get to the next level. After you collect the key, reach the end door, and you would be able to get to the next level. The difficulty of the levels will keep on increasing gradually.

Try to reach the lives that are present on some platforms, as they may help you in surviving longer.


The controls of the game are quite easy. You can straight away use the arrow keys available on your keyboard. For using the mouse, and for the touch enabled devices the controls are present on the screen itself.

One thing to be kept in mind while playing this game is that the controls are really smooth. By just a single click or a single button push, the pickle will just slide.

Your lives, the keys you have, and the gems you have collected would be shown on the top left side of the interface.

Pickle Life- game

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My Verdict

Pickle Life is a nice Windows 8 Arcade game with addictive game play. You must surely give it a try.

Get Pickle Life here

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