Track Your Kids Location And Ensure Family Security with ZenTracker

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ZenTracker is a free online service which helps you to track your kids location and proves to be useful for family security. This tool is mostly used for tracking kids for you to know where exactly your kids are. You will also receive alerts when your kids already reach their destination or if they have moved to another place. This will help you know if your kids are still in school or are already at home. ZenTracker will send you messages via text, email or Twitter to keep you updated of your kids geolocation.


ZenTracker is not just for kids only but for all members of the family. This people tracking tool keeps track on every person’s location with exact details of the place and then sends you alerts to let you know. The best thing with this Application is that, you do not need to install any software. Plus it also offers a free account so everyone in your family will surely be secure.

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Features of ZenTracker For Family Security:


Below are the features of ZenTracker for people tracking:

  • Uses Google Latitude to track geolocation.
  • Accurately calculates your kid’s mobile phones.
  • Compatible, with iPhone4, BlackBerry, S60 and Windows Phone.
  • Checks places based on your chosen time on where exactly your kids are.
  • Sends alert when your kids are located in a different place.
  • Allows you to check location history to know what your kids are doing recently.
  • Automatically sends notifications when your kids have entered or left the expected location parameter.
  • Notifications are being sent through different channels such as Twitter, email, SMS or any possible means you want.
  • Keeps you on track, through mobile dashboard while you’re on the go.

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How to Use ZenTracker For Family Security?

ZenTracker gives access to this kids tracking tool via Lite or Premium plan. Lite plan is absolutely for free. But if you want to unlock other features, you can use the Premium plan at a very low rate. Yet everyone starts with Lite and later upgrades to Premium. You can also use either Mobile or Touch version.

So to get started, just install Google Latitude on your kid’s mobile phone. Then create your own ZenTracker account. You will then need to send your kid’s email address a tracking device and have a detailed description of the location you want to track. Then set a specific means on how you want to receive notifications and alerts.

To create a free account in this people tracking site, visit the website, then go to “Pricing” and select “Sign Up Now”. After creating an account, you will then be directed to ZenTracker dashboard wherein the latest known geolocation of your relatives is displayed. The said displayed location can also be magnified from its region, country, county, neighbourhood, and up to the specific building.

To locate your family’s location, you still have to invite them to share their location with you by sending a request. Go to “Settings” and select “My Family”. After your invitation has been accepted, you then have to describe the places your family usually goes. Go to “Places” then click “Start adding now”. Just position the map by dragging, draw the area and then type the name of the place. Then go to “Alert” to set up your alert preferences. Try ZenTracker to ensure family security for free.

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