5 Free Websites to Learn Step by Step Drawing Cartoons for Kids

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Most of the kids are blessed with great drawing skills but there are a few ones who look for drawing tutorials online. If you are one of them who is looking for the drawing tutorials can go through these 5 free websites. The online drawing tutorial websites will let you learn step by step drawing cartoons for kids.

The websites basically provide drawing lessons. It includes several cartoon images that are based on categories like Animals, Cartoon characters, Flowers, People, Transport, and others. If you wish to draw any picture, you can look for the tutorials. The drawing website show step by step drawing that makes your work easy while drawing.

You can start by making shapes then you can go with other small details to make a good sketch. By coloring the drawing, you can add more aliveness in your drawings.

Look below to find out the sites to learn step by step drawing cartoons.

1. YeDraw.com

step by step drawing lessons

YeDraw.com is a free website where you can learn step by step drawing cartoons. On this website, you can discover the top 50 drawing lessons, graphics tablets, and pencil drawings. It makes your learning power easy with easy steps.

Here, you can find drawing lessons for different categories like People, Animals, Cartoons, Cars, Sea Animals, etc. You can pick any category to explore drawing lessons.

If you want to practice how to draw a cartoon, you can start with your favorite cartoon. The site includes popular cartoon characters like Sponge Bob, Shrek, Patrick Star, Pokemon, etc.

You can simply open the tutorial and read the instructions or see the drawing steps. You can follow the steps while drawing on your sheet of paper. Then, you can color your drawing and come up as an artist.

2. Easy Drawing Tutorials

step by step drawing lessons

Easy Drawing Tutorials is another online platform to teach you drawing lessons. As the name suggests, the site offers easy drawing tutorials for you.

You can look for popular categories like Marvel characters, Disney Princess, Fornite Skin and more. If you go through the main page of the site, it shows several cartoon drawings. You can search for cartoons alphabetically as well.

To start with the drawing, you can pick any cartoon to draw. Then, the site instructs you how to draw. Firstly, you can easily make a face or body structure and start constructing the face features. After you finish your draw, you can color the sheet to make it look great.

3. Super Coloring

step by step drawing lessons

Super Coloring is one of the good websites for kids. This online platform helps you find out the best collection of drawing tutorials. If you wish to do more activities, you can also discover coloring pages, printable silhouettes, printable puzzle activities.

There are categories like Animals, Cartoon characters, People, Vehicles, Holiday, Plants, and other objects. You can find a pretty good collection of drawings. To start your draw, select any cartoon to get the step by step drawing cartoons.

You can prepare the construction of the model. Then, start adding the figure and features. With the help of easy steps, you can know about the small details like how to make eyes and contouring. Once done, you can fill colors in your drawing sheet. The site lets you take prints as well. You can simply download the print version of the drawing lessons. Doing so, you can draw offline as you don’t need to sit on the computer to learn drawing.

4. Easy Drawing Guides

step by step drawing lessons

Easy Drawing Guides is another fun website where you can learn step by step drawing cartoons. The site has a good collection of drawing lessons.

After visiting the website, you will discover the tutorials based on a number of categories. You can learn to draw animals, comic characters, flowers & trees, man-made things, people, and others.

Here, you can pick any tutorial that you wish to learn. You will see very clean steps which you can follow and draw a cartoon character. Also, the site provides a printable version of the tutorial. You can download that in order to draw offline anytime.


step by step drawing lessons

HTDFC which stands for How To Draw Funny Cartoons is the website where you can easily learn how to draw. On this site, you can easily learn to draw several cartoon characters.

There are categories like Animals, Halloween, Characters, Food, Sports, and Miscellaneous. Opening these categories, you will see the pictures of each step of drawing cartoons. You can also watch the video to know how the characters have been drawn.

In brief

If you want to learn easy lessons for drawing, the websites will surely help you. The online drawing tutorials provide you easy tutorials where you can learn to make several cartoon drawings. Some of the sites let you save the printable version of the drawing steps. It becomes more easy to draw cartoons offline too.

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