Free Open Source Stellarium Web Client To Explore The Sky

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Space is full of mysteries. After watching various space-based science fiction movies, the idea of being in space can be exciting and horrifying at the same time. But with the help of technology, we can explore the space from the Earth and solve some of its mysteries.

If you are a space enthusiast, you might know about Stellarium; a free computer software that shows your realistic 3D sky on your computer. With Stellarium, you can explore our solar system and beyond into the deep space. It gives you a view of space similar to a telescope. Stellarium Web is an online client of Stellarium planetarium software that offers many of its services online. With Stellarium Web, you can explore the sky, search for extraterrestrial objects and browse space events.

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Free Open Source Web Client for Stellarium

Stellarium Web lets you explore the sky right from your web browser. It shows a 2D view of the sky from the Earth. The directions are also mentioned to help you out with the positions of stars. On this 2D view of the sky, you can project followings items for guidelines:

  • Constellations
  •  Atmosphere
  • Landscape
  • Azimuthal Grid
  • Equatorial Grid
  • Deep Sky Objects

Apart from that, you can observe the sky from any location on Earth. At the bottom left corner, you can select any location and see the sky above that location.

Stellarium Web Client

Track Events:

With Stellarium Web, you can see the sky from 1918 to 2118. You can observe the positions of the extraterrestrial objects on any day and time. You can also track all the space events within the supported timeline. You can observe the events from the past and explore the predicted events from the future.

Online Client for Stellarium


Stellarium Web has a search tool which lets you search for extraterrestrial objects in the space. You can search stars, asteroids, planets, galaxies, and objects which has been discovered in space. When you search for an object, it takes you to its location in the space and displays information about it. Stellarium Web shows you its name, type, other name, coordinates, magnitude, size, etc. Nearby objects are clear and you can zoom in on them whereas the far-away objects are not so clearly visible.

Open Source Planetarium Stellarium Web

Explore space with Stellarium Web here.

Closing Words:

Stellarium Web is an exciting tool to explore the sky. It is a great tool from an educational standpoint, students can explore the sky and learn about all the discoveries and space events by virtually visiting the extraterrestrial objects.

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