Free AI Chatbot Creator by Training on YouTube Videos Content

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Youtube-To-Chatbot is a free online application that enables you to train a chatbot on a complete YouTube channel. It uses the power of Open AI, Langchain and Pinecone to create a conversational agent that possesses the ability of imitating the content, knowledge as well as tone of any YouTube channel.

By easily extracting information from the videos of the channel to train the chatbot, users can create a handy AI-powered assistant that automatically engages in expressive and significant conversations with users thereby providing them with an interactive and highly engaging experience. It can help you to automate routine tasks such as answering FAQs as well as providing personalized recommendations and replies to your viewers.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link to navigate to Youtube-To-Chatbot.

2. You will require a Steamship API key for the product to function. Click on the corresponding link in the left pane and then sign in you with your Google or GitHub credentials to navigate to the API keys page where a default API key will automatically be generated for you.

Get free API key

API Keys

3. Copy the key and paste it in the API key text box in the left pane and press Enter.

Streamship API Key

4. Now, copy the URL of the YouTube channel and paste it in the specified text box and click on ‘Scrape and Train’.

Paste YouTube URL

5. Wait for some time while Youtube-To-Chatbot processes the channel, scrapes all the relevant information, and train the chatbot for you.

Start chatting with Agent

6. As soon as the above step is completed, you can start asking any questions and queries by typing them in plain natural language based on the content of the channel.

7. The trained chatbot will now respond to all the queries depending on the data that has been scraped from the YouTube channel during the training process.

Python Strings

Lists and Tuples

Closing Comments:

Youtube-To-Chatbot is a innovative free application that allows you to train a chatbot from an entire YouTube channel and create an agent that you can converse with and ask queries based on the data scraped from the channel. It can prove to be pretty helpful in automation of your monotonous tasks such as answering FAQs and offering customized recommendations to your audience thereby expanding your reach.

Go ahead and try out the product and do write to you on how you wish to put it to use in your case. Click here to navigate to Youtube-To-Chatbot.

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