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[Total: 5 Average: 4.6] is a free website that provides various websites for inspiration in UX (user experience), listed by tech based and design based constraints. It has a vault of beautiful and successful websites that will definitely make other ecommerce websites rethink their design and ecommerce platform. Additionally, also lists the services that provide these websites support in advertising, marketing, testing, etc so you get a feel for their business model. is undoubtedly the best tool to plan your ecommerce website. These websites are not samples but in-operation successful websites that drive a considerable amount of traffic. So, naturally you won’t get the option to download the websites (pretty much illegal if you use a third party website ripper). To solve that, here is a list of free CSS website templates that you can download for free.


Let’s take a better look

How to use

The main page of is the main tool of its service. You can see some of the websites listed below with their links. Above them are 4 filters namely Platform, Categories, Tech, and Traffic. Let me show you practically. So, Suppose I am a fashion entrepreneur and I want to showcase my products in the most awesome way possible, I would first select ‘Fashion’ from the Categories filter. You can see there are various categories of services that have been listed, everything from home décor to footwear.


Choosing the software platform is really important so you can decide how your website will behave. The most used ecommerce solution in this list is Shopify. You need to make sure that your website has a really good SEO ranking and a lot of elements in an ecommerce platform decide the ranking of products you list. You can also toggle Traffic to show the websites who have the most visitors and the least. This is a really good option to compare websites.


Tech shows you different supporting software and services that keep the website oiled and in-business. To make sure your website is in profit, you need various tools. Tools like Google Analytics for traffic analysis, Mailchimp for email campaigns, Google Remarketing for remarketing solution, etc. You can browse the websites that incorporates one of these services.

How to Analyze a Website on

tech stack

There is a profile for each listed website. Each profile tells you the website’s Alexa ranking and if the website is secure. It’ll also tell you the ecommerce platform the website uses. Tech Stack will show you all the technologies that a website is supported by. You can check out the website SEO ranking and other insights under Acquistion which lists various SEO rankers. I decided to check out the profile of a site called Casper and it used Convertro for analytics, Bronto for Email marketing and Optimizely for A/B Testing among many others.

Final Words

I bet Entrepreneurs are really thankful for this website since it lets them take inspiration from websites through many filters. site worked exceptionally well and I did not come across any misinformation or bugs. I award with 5 stars.

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