10 websites to download printable kindergarten activities

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The internet provides a humongous collection of educational resources for parents, teachers and children of all ages. You can read and research on various topics range from Math and Science to Social studies, Literature and more, you can download worksheets and solve them, watch videos, go through scientific models and simulators etc.

Due to the sheer amount of material out there, it becomes difficult for people, especially parents of toddlers to navigate and select a particular website that could provide them activity sheets to be downloaded and printed.

So, in this article, we have listed and discussed about 10 selected websites from where you can download Printable Worksheets for Kindergarten.

1. Education.com

This website provides Printable Worksheets for all grades from Preschool to 8th including Kindergarten. The worksheets can be filtered by Subject such as Fine arts, Math, Reading & Writing etc. as well as by Topics like Art & Craft, Coloring, Offline games and more.

You must sign up using your Google or Facebook account to start downloading. Just Browse through the entire Kindergarten collection or filter it based on a certain Subject or Topic. Once a particular worksheet is chosen, click on it to open its page and read the instructions to complete the activity. Finally, click on ‘Download Worksheet’ to download and save it in your local disk in PDF format. You can also share the worksheet in social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Overall, Education.com boasts of a good collection of Printable Kindergarten Activities pertaining to various topics. The worksheets and creative and aesthetic and the children should really enjoy solving them on paper after being printed.

Click here to navigate to this website and browse their Printable Kindergarten worksheets.


2. Worksheetfun

Worksheet fun offers a huge collection of Printable Kindergarten Activities. Like the previous website, this one too covers a variety of subjects and topics. You can select the required category from the drop down available at the top. The categories are also displayed on their main page but that requires a lot of page scrolling. Once you choose a particular worksheet, click on ‘Download’ to save it to your local disk to be printed.

Click here to visit Worksheetfun and start downloading printable activities for your Kindergarten children.


3. Megaworkbook

This website carries around 900 Free Printable Activities for Kindergarten. The worksheets have been neatly categorized into various subjects like Coloring pages, Math, English, Shapes, Patterns etc. using the menu bar at the top. Hovering your mouse on any Subject gives you a list of topics for that subject. Click on any topic, to view all the activity sheets related to that topic. Finally, click on the worksheet that you find suitable, and you will be able to view it in full size, right click on the worksheet and save it to your local disk for printing works.

All in all, this is a decent website to download Printable Kindergarten activities. The worksheets are good in quality and cover a range of subjects and topics.

To navigate to Megaworkbook and download their worksheets, click here.


4. K5 Learning

K5 Learning has a great collection of Printable Activities for Kindergarten that have been neatly organized on their main page as well as the panel on the left.  The topics range from Letters, Phonics etc. to Shapes, Early colors, Simple Math, Science and many more. Clicking on any topic gives you a list of sub-topics beneath it and so on and so forth till you identify the desired worksheet. Finally, hover your mouse over the activity sheet and click on ‘Open PDF’ to view and download / print it for your kids.

I particularly liked this website for the way they have organized their worksheets. It makes it very easy to locate any activity topic and for each activity they have provided multiple worksheets for practice. The collection if worksheets is large and their quality is impressive.

Click here, to view and download Printable Activities from the K5 Learning Website.

K5 Learning

5. Superstar Worksheets

This too is a very fine website to fulfill the requirement of Printable Activities for your Kindergarten children.  The worksheets have been organized on the main page itself into various subjects and topics to locate them easily. Like the previous websites, when you click on any topic, you are presented a range of sub-topics and so on. Once you have identified the suitable activity sheet, click on it to view it in the PDF form and then get it printed.

To visit Superstar Worksheets and browse their collection of Kindergarten Printables, click here.

Superstar Worksheets

6. SchoolMyKids

This website has a limited collection of Printable Kindergarten worksheets to help and practice concepts related to Math, Science, Language, Art and more.

The activity sheets have been organized by various subjects on the main page. Click the relevant checkbox, to view all the printables for a certain subject. When you have chosen a worksheet, click on ‘Print Worksheet’ to download it in your local disk in the PDF format that you can print later.

Overall, SchoolMyKids doesn’t have a vast collection of activity sheets likes the previous websites, although the sheets are of good quality and the subjects and topics cover all the essentials for a Kindergarten child.

Click here to visit SchoolMyKids.


7. Kindergartenworksheets.net

This website may not be aesthetically pleasing but does offer a large number of Printable activities for kindergarten. Various topics and subjects have been displayed on the main page. Click on any of them and navigate further till you identify the worksheet that you want to download and print. Click on the relevant icon at the top of the worksheet to do so. You can also solve the worksheet online by clicking on the ‘Online’ option at the top.

I found this website to be good as far as their collection and ease of navigation and usage is concerned. The sheets are well-researched and of superior quality enough fore the learning needs of Kindergarten children;

Click here to visit Kindergartensheets.net and go through their great collection.


8. Great Schools

This website has a collection of 403 Printable Kindergarten sheets under various subjects like Math, Science, Reading and more, that you can easily filter using the dropdown on the main page. Navigate through the collection and click on the desired worksheet to download it in the PDF form. You can also choose to print it directly from the webpage.

Click here to visit Great Schools and use their Kindergarten Printable Activities.


9. Free4Classrooms

This is a decent website for Kindergarten Worksheets that have been organized into various topics as the other websites. The process of browsing through their collection and selecting and downloading the sheets is also the same.

The quality of the worksheets is impressive, but the collection is limited as compared to some other websites that have huge quantity of materials.

Go ahead and click here to browse through the printables at Free4Classrooms.


10. Edubizzkids

I particularly liked this website for their aesthetics as well quality of colorful worksheets that they provide. The sheets have been pictorially organized into various subjects like English, Math and Science and various topics under each subject. Navigate through their collection by clicking on any desired topic and select the specific worksheet that you like. You can view the worksheet on the screen, save it in PDF format or print it directly from your browser.

Overall, this is an excellent website for the collection and quality of the activity sheets that they provide.

Click here, to browse through their large collection of printables.


By any means, this list is not complete and there will be tens to hundreds of more websites from where you can download activity sheets for Kindergarten children. We have tried to identify and list the best resources in our article. Go through all the websites and choose the one which suits you.

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