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Providing and Sharing all the details of your event on a single QR Code is a perfect way of promoting your event. The Event QR Code describes your event and provides all the essential details like, Venue, Timing, Contact details as well as Registration / Booking information wherever required. Subsequently the QR Code can be shared digitally as well as used on print material like flyers and banners.

Some Event QR codes provide a URL Link to the event landing page where users can follow some desired action such as registering for the event etc. Certain other types of QR Codes simply give information about the event using different fields. There cannot be any another way of delivering all the details of an event to the guests when compared to an Event QR Code.

In this article we will be discussing about 3 Free Event QR Code Generators that you can use for this purpose.

1. QRCodeChimp

This is a wonderful website where you can generate many different types of QR Codes including those for Events. You must Sign up for a free account and Login to start Creating the event, Customizing the details and Generating the QR Code.

The Event QR Code created by this website provides a link (URL) to an Event Landing Page. You can configure the Colors, Background image and Profile image of the landing page and provide a great number of details related to the Event like Title of the Event, Summary, Organizer, Start / End date, Contact details, Timings, Venue and more. QRCodeChimp also allows you to design the Event QR Code itself using pre-defined Shapes, Colors, Logos, Stickers etc.

After the Event is created, you are provided a Dashboard from where you can download and share the QR Code. Once the event promotion starts, you can track the number of Scans of the QR code with a complete depiction of hour-wise / day-wise scans, location analysis of the scans and more.

Overall, QRCodeChimp is a very powerful Event QR Code Generator which offers good flexibility and customization features in programming your event and designing the Event QR Code. The Dashboard offers some good insights into the event and helps the organizer in better preparation.

Click here to navigate to the website and start creating and marketing your events.

QRCodeChimp Event Creation

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QRCodeChimp Design
QR Code Designer
QRCodeChimp Dashboard
QRCodeChimp – Dashboard
QRCodeChimp Event Landing Page
Event Landing Page

2. Qlndr.io

This is a very simple and decent website that you can also use to generate Event QR Codes. It isn’t as powerful as QRCodeChimp since it just creates the QR Code with the basic information provided without any Event Landing Page and Dashboards to track the number of scans etc. There is no Signup or Login required to use this website.

On scanning the QR Code generated by Qlndr.io, the Title of the Event, Location, Website, Timings, and Description is displayed by the QR Code scanner itself in distinct fields. All that you must do is navigate to the website, fill up all the required information and click on ‘Generate QR Code’. Once it is generated, you can click on ‘Download as PNG’ and digitally share with others or use on your printed materials.

Overall, this is a very simple Event QR Code generator without any frills of Event Landing Page or statistics.

Click here to visit Qlndr.io and start generating your Event QR Codes.

Qlndrio Valedictory
Qlndr.io – Event QR Code creation
Qlndrio Scan
Event Details after QR Code scanning

3. QR Code Generator

This website is similar to QRCodeChimp in that the Event QR code gives you a Link (URL) to an Event Landing Page which provides all details of the Event.

You must sign up using your Google account or any alternate Email address and Login. Click on ‘Create QR Code’ followed by ‘Event’ and then click on ‘Next’. Here you can customize the colors and image to be depicted on the landing page followed by all the Event related details like Title, Organizer, Venue, Timings, Contact details and more. Click ‘Next’ on this page and this will take you to a screen where you can customize your QR code using various Designs, Frames, Logos and Colors. Finally click on ‘Download’ to save the QR Code in your local disk.

Like QRCodeChimp, this website too provides a Dashboard where you can view the number of scans and analyze them based on Time, Locations and more.

All in all, this too is a powerful Event QR Code Generator that offers a lot of customization in configuring the event details and designing the QR codes. It also offers a neat dashboard to view the statistics of the scans using various parameters.

To visit QR Code Generator and create your Event QR Codes, click here.

QrCodeGen Valedictory
QR Code Generator – Event Creation
QR Code Design
QR Code Designer
QRCodeGen Dashboard
QR Code Generator – Dashboard
QRCodeGen Event Landing Page
Event Landing Page

Spend some time and go through all the Event QR Code Generators one by one. Weight the features of each website and decide which is best suited for promoting your event.

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