10 Free Geocoding Websites To Convert Address To Lat Long Online

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Here are 10 free geocoding websites to convert address to lat long Online. You can easily find the latitude and longitude of any address on these free websites. Some of these geocoding websites feature batch mode to convert address to lat long online. Also, some of these websites let you convert lat long to address too.

Apart from that, you can also generate KML file and GPX file on some of these online geocoding websites along with geo-tags. You can see our tutorial on how to convert KML into CSV. Some of these websites give you multiple results from different sources that can be very helpful for better accuracy.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss these 10 geocoding websites one by one.


This geocoding website, mygoeposition.com is one of the best in this list. Along with converting address to lat long, it provides lots of other features too. Converting an address to lat long is very easy; just paste the address into the search field and hit enter or you can use GPS to locate yourself as well. It will show you the latitude and longitude of that address along with elevation from the sea level. It shows the coordinates in DMS (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds) as well as in decimal. You can also set inaccuracy from 1m to 100km for data protection.

address to lat long

This website shows the results on the map as well as in text. It also generates Geo-Metatags which you can use easily to tag your website or blog post. Once added, you can also test results by entering your website in the search field.

address to lat long converter

The advantage of adding Geo-Tags to your website is that it improves the search ranking for the local searches.

This geocoding website generates KML file and GPX file. These are the XML file formats, where a KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file is used to display geographic data and a GPX file is used to store the coordinate data, like tracks, waypoints etc.  Furthermore, for location tagging, it gives you links to the entered address in five major maps services including itself.


Mapeasy.com lets you convert any address to lat long. Just enter the desired address into the address search field and hit submit. It will show you latitude and longitude of that address. It shows those coordinates in both decimal and DMS. The corresponding location is also marked on the map shown just below the query results.

geocoding website

This geocoding website also has a feature to convert Degrees Minutes Seconds latitude and longitude into Decimal latitude and longitude and vice versa.



Gps-coordinates.org is another geocoding website in this list, you can easily convert address to lat long on this website. When you enter an address on this website, it will show the GPS coordinates of that location on the map. These coordinates are shown in decimal as well as in DMS system. You can also get the address corresponding to any coordinates by entering the latitude and longitude.

address to lat long

In addition to that, this website also has a distance calculator, which can calculate the distance between two locations by taking their respective coordinates as input.

geocode address


Latitudelongitude.org is a simple address to latitude-longitude converting website. It takes an address as input and shows the respective latitude and longitude coordinates for that address. This website shows the coordinates only in decimal system. The coordinates are also marked on the maps, which is shown below the search bar.

lat long coordinates

It contains three buttons marked as USA, Europe, and Australia; clicking on them will take you to the respective continents on the map. Next to these, there is a “Save” button, which saves the latitude-longitude coordinates of the selected location for later access. Those saved coordinates can be found in the “Saved Coordinates” box below the map.


Findlatitudelongitude.com is a basic latitude longitude finder website which tells you the coordinates of a location that you select on the map. This website can also find latitude longitude corresponding to an address. For that, enter the address in the search field and click on Load. It will load that location on the map and will show you the coordinates of that location. This website shows coordinates in Decimal, in DMS, and in GPS coordinates.

lat long coordinates


Latlong.net is a pretty simple geocoding website that converts an address to lat long. All you have to do is same as all these websites. Just enter the address or place in the search box and click on Find; it will show you the lat long coordinates of that address and mark those coordinates on the map. It also shows the coordinates when you hover the mouse over map.

latitude longitude coordinates

Apart from that, you can also find an address corresponding to any coordinates in the “Lat Long to Address” section. This website has lat long to DMS converter and DMS to decimal converter. You can also convert lat long to UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator), which is another coordinate system.


Stevemorse.org is a free geocoding website that converts address to latitude-longitude and vice versa. This is the first website in this list that supports batch mode for converting addresses to lat long coordinates. On the main screen, you will find two boxes, one to convert address to lat long and another to convert lat long to address.

location to lat long

This website gives you multiple results for a query which are from different sources, you can match them for better accuracy. Data presented by this website comes from the following websites:

  • Google (all addresses)
  • Geocoder.ca (US and Canadian addresses only)
  • Geocoder.us (US addresses only)
  • Gpsvisualizer. (for altitudes)
  • Locatienet. (European addresses only)
  • Openstreetmap. (all addresses) Data available under the open database license
  • US Census Bureau (US addresses only)
  • Tamu (was usc) (US addresses only)
  • Virtual earth (all addresses)
  • Yahoo (all addresses)

batch address to lat long

Although the batch mode of this website requires an API key, which you can get easily by signing up. In batch mode, first of all, you have to select the coordinate system for the output. You can select DMS or decimal system. After that, enter the addresses in the “Addresses” box and click on “Generate Coordinates”; it will show you the coordinates of those addresses in the “Latitude Longitude” box.


Unbolt.net is a free address list to latitude-longitude geocoder website. It has two boxes; one for addresses and other for coordinates. Enter the address in the address box and it will show you the latitude-longitude coordinates of that address in decimal. The coordinates will also be shown on the map.

convert address to lat long

You can find coordinates for multiple addresses by entering those addresses in the addresses box. Enter one address per line, and all those coordinates will also be shown on the map as well. This website uses Google Maps API to find the coordinates.


Melissa.com website converts any address you enter into the lat long coordinates. Simply enter the address at click on “Search”; it will show you the respective coordinates for that address. It does not show the coordinates on the map though, but it shows the following additional information for an address:

  • County Name, County FIPS, Census Track
  • County FIPS, Census Track
  • Census Track
  • Census Block
  • Congressional District
  • Carrier Route

address to lat long converter


Mynasadata is an educational NASA website which contains informational data about Science, Earth, Space, etc. It also has a latitude-longitude finder tool which you can use to find the coordinates for any address. Enter the location/address in the search field and hit enter, it will show you the lat long for that location/address. The coordinates will also be shown on the map below to the lat long coordinates.

lat long converter

This website also shows the coordinates for current mouse position. You can also find coordinates of any location by selecting that location on the map.

The Conclusion:

These websites are pretty good for converting an address to lat long coordinates. Websites like mygeoposition.com and Google Maps API are very helpful for developers as they also generate geocoding files that can be used for geocoding. Check these free geocoding websites and share with us which one you like the most.

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