Take Photos Of Objects, Ask Questions About Them With PiQ Android App

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PiQ is a free Android app that lets you ask questions with pictures. It is a community for users who are curious to know interesting things that they have captured through phone. This is a new kind of platform community, not like Ask.fm or Yahoo answers. It is a image specific tool; it requires you to attach images, when asking a question.

You always come across something interesting in your daily routine and wonder what is that. But sometimes there’s just no way to get information about that thing. That’s where this app comes into picture (pun intended). You just need to take picture of that thing, post on this app, and ask question about that. The large community of users associated with this app will surely come to your rescue. And similarly, you can post answers too.

PiQ for Android

How is this Piq App for iPhone Helpful?

You will be able to ask questions through any image. You can either upload it from your device or take a new photo of that object. You get to categorize your question and someone with knowledge of that object will answer you. It would also prove to be helpful in conditions like, when you want to get an opinion on something. Like the one question below asked by someone.


How to ask a Question?

  • It is very easy to ask questions, you simply need to tap on the pencil icon on top in order to get started.
  • Now select an image to upload.
  • After uploading that image, you need to select a category from list.
  • Now write your question on the space provided. And you are done!

You will get notification whenever some on answers your question. But that didn’t work for me.

PiQ:  A New kind of Community

This concept by PiQ is definitely not unique; if you follow this blog regularly, you would recall an app named Jelly that does the same on iPhone, that was  launched by Twitter co-founder Biz stone.

But PiQ is a lot different than Jelly, even though a similar concept. Like you cannot forward questions to your friends on any social sites, whom you would trust for answers, but not a total stranger.

During my use of this app I have not experienced any crashes. And even with limited functions it will prove to be quite useful and would be more when users are increased. Another drawback was that it does not allows you to undo your vote.

Is PiQ for you? Would you rely for answers on this Q&A community? Let us hear about it in comments section below.

Get your free PiQ for Android app here or Scan this QR code to directly download this app.

PiQ for Android

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