Windows 8 Quiz Game App To Guess The Color Of Popular Logos

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Guess The Color HD is a free Windows 8 quiz game app. It’s a fun Windows 8 logo game app, that helps you in testing how well do you remember the colors of logos and different stuff, you see on daily basis. The game is a fun Windows 8 game app, where you have to guess the color of different brand logos and colors of some characters or sketches. You’ll get some certain number of chances in which, you have to guess the exact color. For each wrong guess, one point from the total number of chances gets reduced. But for guessing the exact color or colors on the first go, awards you with one extra chance, that you can use for guessing colors of other logos or sketches. There are 600 plus high-definition logos and images in the game divided into levels.

Guess The Color HD - image quiz

Simply play the game and, test and improve your knowledge about logos, popular cartoon characters, and see how well you remember them.

Play quiz using this Windows 8 quiz game app:

Playing the game is equally fun in both touch and non touch Windows 8 devices. The game has a fast gameplay. It gives you all the freedom while playing the game. If you are having hard time remembering all the colors of a logo or an image, then you can leave the current image anytime and try for another. There’s no compulsion that, you have to solve the current image quiz first, in order to move to next. However, the app does puts compulsions on the game, when it comes to levels. It is compulsory to solve certain number of images quiz of the current level, to unlock the next level. For example, the level 1 has a total of 64 images. Out of which you have to solve 50 images to unlock level 2. There are total of 8 levels in the game. With level 1 being the easiest and level 8 being the toughest.

Guess The Color HD - levels

Simply, click on an image to solve it. The app opens the image in full screen in high-definition details, and gives you a set of colors at the bottom to choose. All you have to do is, click on the color from the color set, that you think is the exact color. Good thing is, the app gives you hints about the image quiz, at the right side of screen. This helps a lot in remembering, what the image quiz is exactly.

If you loose all the tries, then you can’t play any further. Good thing is the game, itself gives you chances after few seconds, usually 26 seconds. After that time passes by, you’ll get a spinning wheel, which actually decides how many number of tries you can get.

Guess The Color HD - tries wheel

The maximum number in the wheel is 4 and minimum is 1. All you have to do is, spin the wheel and then click on it once, to stop it. Whichever number comes on the wheel, it’s the number of tries that you’ll get. Simply use these tries to solve other unsolved quizzes.

Guess The Color HD - levels

Key features of this Windows 8 quiz game app:

  • Good Windows 8 quiz game app.
  • Completely free.
  • Over 600 image quizzes to solve.
  • Good gameplay.
  • Simple controls.
  • World leaderboard.
  • Gives hints.
  • Live tiles at start screen showing number of your track record.

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Guess The Color HD certainly is a good Windows 8 quiz game app. It helps you in learning while you play. It has got a fast paced and good gameplay. Everything in the game app works just fine, without any issues. A really good game for kids and adults alike.

Get Guess The Color HD here.

Editor Ratings:
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