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FullSync is a free backup/synchronizing software. It allows you to create backup destinations for various folders and drives either locally, or through servers. This software is meant to provide a safety net whenever you may incur loss of data or corruption of hard-drives. FullSync provides an easy and simple solution for backing up and scheduling the backup process. You can setup multiple source folders and you  can schedule each folder to backup automatically to local drive or even to FTP server.

Features of FullSync Free Backup Software:

FullSync is a convenient tool that that provides a host of solutions for taking care of your data. There are primarily four ways with which you can synchronize data. They are:

  • Publish/Update – Applies any changes made from the source to the destination folder. It leaves out new files made within the Destination.
  • Backup Copy – Will copy any changes to the destination folder but will not delete anything, meaning new files will be created with the changes.
  • Exact Copy – Copies any changes made from the source so that it stays exactly as the source location.
  • Two-way Sync – Synchronizes both source and destination only copying up-to-date files to the destination.


Depending on your taste, you may set up the program to organize your data according to these protocols. On start-up, you get a blank window from where you have to create a new profile for file management. Creating a profile is very simple and straightforward. You can choose your profile to be of any one of the four types mentioned above. You can also enable automated execution wherein you can dictate the time-frame at which the program should update/backup the files automatically.


You are able to use both local and server as sources and destinations. This means you can also backup your data to and from FTP/SFTP servers. Apart from this, you can also manipulate what sort of files you would like to include and set certain restrictions or boundaries for which files have to be backed up using a filter. For example, including only files that begin with ‘A’. You can also set up filters for the sub-directories of a source location if you would like to include them or not. It provides a lot of flexibility in terms of handling the type of files or number of files you would like to include in the destination folder.


Once you have created your profile, you may monitor its progress by checking out the startup window and see when was the last update made (as seen in the first image). Similarly, you may add several profiles for as many sources/destinations you may have and build on a network of secured backup through local destinations or through servers.


FullSync offers a unique method of freeing you of your worries and backing up your treasured data with its simple protocols. All of its unique features make it a very useful tool, not only for backing up local files, but also to backup files from servers and vice/versa. You may also directly connect to a remote server by inputting the server name etc and accessing and backing up those files. Personal Backup and GOTCHA! Data Backup are similar such back-up tools that provide a similar set of features, but not as efficient as FullSync. For an effective way to handle and recover files and for synchronization, FullSync is one of the best solutions available for free.

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