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WebTorrent is a free torrent client that you can use to stream video torrents. It uses WebRTC for peer to peer broadcast also. WebTorrent does not require 3rd party plugins and applications to stream video torrents. All you have to do is just upload the bittorrent file or copy-paste a torrent’s magnet URL. The torrent will be added in a download list and you can select the option to stream it. It even lets you seek the file, before it has downloaded completely.

In addition to the live streaming torrents, WebTorrent can broadcast the stream on Chromecast and DLNA. With WebTorrent, now you can watch a video from the streaming torrent in your living room, on the huge LED TV.



WebTorrent handles normal bitorrent files as well as webtorrent (bittorrent over WebRTC) files. Webtorrent files are torrents that are being streamed live from a browser. is one of such service where uploading a video provides the magnet URL and bittorent file. Your friends can stream the video with the shared bittorrent file or magnet URL over WebTorrent. We will discuss this service another time.

So let’s take a better look at WebTorrent. If you don’t like WebTorrent, you can try out a similar torrent streaming video player.

How to Stream a Torrent on WebTorrent


Adding a torrent for download on WebTorrent is simple. You can upload the torrent file from the menu or drag and drop it on the application. Same can be with the magnet URL. Once added, the torrent starts to load peers and seeders.


When the downloading starts, press the ‘Play’ button on the torrent. A player will open where you can watch the video.

How to Broadcast a Streaming Torrent on Chromecast or DLNA

Make sure the Chromecast or DLNA dongle is plugged into the device where you want to stream the torrent. Connect the device which will host WebTorrent with the dongle. When you start streaming a video on the WebTorrent player, notice the DLNA and Chromecast icons on the bottom. Select the service you are using and start streaming!


Make sure you have a fast internet connection, since you might experience a lot of lag when watching a streamed and chromecasted video.

Final Words

WebTorrent happens to be really good at what it claims to do. You can watch a live WebRTC video and also Chromecast it. I could not find any bugs or exceptions that WebTorrent would have thrown while running. But yes, you might want to consider using this service if you have an internet connection with high speed and a big bandwidth. This will save you from the annoying lagging. This service deserves 5 stars for sure.

Get WebTorrent here.

Know a similar application? Make sure you share it in the comments below!

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