Am I Schizophrenic? Find Out With These 5 Best Online Schizophrenic Test Websites

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How to know if you have schizophrenia? Let me introduce you to some schizophrenic test websites that will help you find the same. These websites ask you to answer several questions and based on the answers you give, these websites score you for schizophrenia.

The questions these tests ask are related to you and how you feel about people and certain other things. These Am I Schizophrenic test websites listed here follow quite the same pattern of asking questions but you will notice that each one is quite different. Let us see what these tests are and what sets them apart.

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Online Schizophrenic Test Websites:

Schizophrenia Test And Screening

Schizophrenia Test And Screening from Psycom is a 10 question test that will help you assess if you have schizophrenia or not. These questions are mostly about your struggles and difficulties you may be facing in your day to day life. You can answer these questions on a scale of never to very often.

The final result tells if you may be suffering from schizophrenia or not on a pointer scale. You also get some suggestions according to the test result.

Take this test here.

Schizophrenia Screening Test

Schizophrenia Screening Test puts you through 12 questions. These questions are almost similar to the questions asked in the above mentioned test. In this test, you get 6 options to answer the questions asked. These options range from Not at all to All the time. After you submit your test, you will get a score. Score key is available as you scroll down the result page.

Check it out here.

Schizophrenia Test (Illness Quiz)

Schizophrenia Test from Illness Quiz is the longest test in this list. Here, you need to answer 26 questions. These are simple questions about what you maybe feeling about different people or things. You just need to answer them as Yes or No.  Upon completion of test, you get a simple result that tells if you have schizophrenia or not. It also gives some suggestions based on your response.

Give it a try here.

Schizophrenia Screening Test (Psych Test)

Schizophrenia Screening Test from Psych Test has a set of 10 questions that you need to answer. Here again, there are 6 options from which you can choose an appropriate answer. Some of the questions here are somewhat different from the above mentioned tests. Another good feature about this test is that you can save the result as PDF. It gives you a result out of 50 marks. The lower the score, the lesser the chances of you being schizophrenic.

Here is the test.


PSYCHOSIS SCREENING puts you through 21 questions that you need to answer in yes or no. If you answer Yes for a question, you will also have to tell how frightened you are with it. This test asks you questions that are different from above mentioned tests, and you must try it if not satisfied with the above tests. The result shows if you are a schizophrenic or not. There are suggestions for you as well in the result page, along with helpline numbers.

Give it a try here.

Closing Words

These online do i have schizophrenia test websites will help you out in deciding. Along with suggestions, you also get helpline number with some of these tests.

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