Learn Spanish, French, German using Netflix with this Website

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This article covers a free website that helps you learn Spanish, French, and German using Netflix. Learning a new language is not an easy task; you need lots and lots of practice for that. There are several tools that make the process of learning and practicing new language fun by combining it with entertainment. Like there is a dual-caption on Netflix Chrome extension that shows subtitles in 2 languages simultaneously. But just watching an episode in a different language is not that much help; we have to do some homework so we can understand and learn.

Langolin is a free website that gamified the process of learning new languages. As of now, this website is available in English and offers Spanish, French, and German lessons. It teaches you lessons based on Netflix content.

The website lists many popular titles from Netflix which are available in either Spanish, French, or German. Instead of just taking you right to the episode, it helps you do your homework before that. It has lessons for each episode of a series and teaches you 10 sentences and 5 words per episode. Each lesson is hardly 5 minutes long and you can take up to 3 lessons per day.

learn Spanish, French, German using Netflix

The lessons first teach words then ask questions such as translation, fill in the blank, etc. And, if you answer something wrong, it won’t just leave that. Once you complete all the questions, the questions you answered incorrectly appear again. This way, you can first do some homework on an episode and then watch it on Netflix in that language.

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Learn Spanish, French, German using Netflix with this Website

Langolin gamifies the process of learning new languages using Netflix. It keeps a record of the days you spend and the number of new words you learn or get familiar with. You can take a demo lesson to check out how it works. And, if you find it useful then you can create an account and let the learning begin.

When you create an account, this website asks you to select how many lessons you want to take daily; 1, 2, or 3. Each lesson is hardly 5 minutes long so if you take 3 lessons that’s roughly around 15 minutes of your time.

This website has a catalog of Netflix series which are available in Spanish, French, or German language. It highlights the language of each series on the top so you can pick one as per your needs. Langolin has one lesson per episode of those series.

When you pick a series, it takes you to the first lesson which is relevant to the words and sentences used in the corresponding episode in the series. First, it teaches you a word or a translation. It shows the meaning of the words in English. In case of a sentence, it uses color codes to highlight the respective words in both languages.

After teaching you words and translation, it follows with a question. The questions are either complete sentence translation or fill in the blank translation. In each case, you get scrambled options which you have to place in the right position. This way, you 5 words and 10 sentences per lesson.

This website also has a gaming reward system where you get 10 points upon successfully completing a lesson. You can check your progress, learning stats, and points from the dashboard. It also keeps a track of the days and marks the days when you take a lesson. After finishing a lesson, you can go to Netflix and watch that episode.

Give it a try here.

Closing Words

Langolin offers an interesting way to learn new languages that involve you in the learning process. It could not be the fastest way to learn a new language but it is fun and entertaining, and chances are that you might gonna remember most of it. Instead of starting with the basics, it takes you right into it. It teaches you just what you need to know to understand each episode. You can also join the Langolin Discord community to keep an eye on the updates and interact with other learners. Also, when you watch the episode on Netflix, you can use the dual-caption extension to get a live translation of the episode.

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