5 Free Websites To Test Reading Speed Online

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Here, are 5 free tools to test reading speed online. These free tools show your accurate reading speed (if you genuinely read the passage without skipping any word and with proper understanding of whatever you are reading).

These websites  basically include a passage with start and stop buttons on the either ends. For starting the test, you simply need to click the start button and read the passage genuinely without skipping even a single word. Whenever you finish reading, hit the STOP button. And this will show your reading speed. Try these tools to test reading speed online.



ReadingSoft is a free website that let’s you take a speed reading test in which you need to read a passage to test reading speed. This website to test reading speed basically displays a short passage which you need to read normally. You simply need to click the START button and start reading the passage. And Whenever, you finish reading immediately click the STOP button on the interface. As you click the STOP button, it instantly shows you the reading speed as the number of words read by you per minute. In addition, you are even allowed to take a comprehension test. Try Readingsoft to test your reading speed for free.



FreeReadingTest is another free online service that let’s you test reading speed online. Unlike other speed reading services, this free service let’s you take comprehension test immediately after speed reading test. It’s must that you take comprehension test, as it shows you the speed reading test results only after taking the comprehension test. Comprehension test ensures that you read the text carefully, and not just skipped over the text to get a better reading speed. This free tool includes 13 levels distributed among child, adult, and advanced users. So you can choose any level and a story to read. Click the start/stop button, and start reading the passage, whenever you finish reading the passage simply click the start/Stop button again to stop the test and take the comprehension test. After taking the comprehension test, it shows you the combined results of both speed reading test and comprehension test. Try FreeReadingTest to test reading speed.



Mindbluff is another free website to test reading speed online. This website offers a passage and comes with a default timer which is pre-set to stop at 1 minute. However, You are allowed to change the preset time. This service gives you an alert on the screen that says Stop Reading!, when the timer hits the default time of one minute or the time specified by you. In this alert pop-up, you need to click the OK button and click the last word which you have read. This will show your speed reading test result. Try Mindbluff for free. Also check out tools like Bridge to reading and Sight words buddy to teach reading to kids.



SpeedReadingcd is free online reading speed test. With the help of this free service offered by this website, you can easily know the number of words read by your per minute. In addition this free service even shows you the average number of words read by your per minute. Unlike other such kind of services, this free tool offers very short and different passages to read everytime you take the reading test. For taking the test, you need to click the START button and start reading, now whenever you finish reading simply hit the Stop button. And this service will instantly show you the results.


ExecuRead test reading speed

ExecuRead is another website that offers you with free speed reading test and comprehension test. Like other websites, this website also offers a reading material to read and test the reading speed. For starting the test, you need to click the Start button above the passage and immediately start reading. And whenever, you finish reading this passage, you simply need to click the Stop button below. Now, this website to test reading speed will show you the average reading speed and optionally you can even take the comprehension test. In addition, you can compare the your speed reading test result with reading speed analysis table on this website to know your position on the table.

All these websites make it quite easy to find your reading speed. No need to register or download anything.

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