Free Social Media Scheduling Tool for Unlimited Accounts

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This article covers a free social media scheduling tool for unlimited accounts. There are lots of scheduling tools for social media but hardly a few offers allow you to use unlimited accounts. Some restricted one account per platform whereas some restrict platforms to access and offer that in subscriptions. is a new social media scheduling that allows you to manage unlimited accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can add as many accounts as you like and schedule unlimited posts to any or all of those accounts. It actually publishes the schedule posts on the respective platforms instead of just showing reminders like many other tools.

Along with scheduling, it binds a handy set of features. You can save your hashtags for different campaigns and add them to the posts within a single click. You can also host all your media files (images and videos, up to 1 GB) and edit them with a built-in editor or integrated DesignBold editor. Furthermore, you can also create a brand watermark that will be automatically added to every post that gets published.

Free Social Media Scheduling Tool for Unlimited Accounts

NOTE: Unlike many other tools, can directly post on Instagram but there is a catch. It uses proxies to enable this feature which is not a recommended way to go with. This might get your Instagram account banned.

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Scheduling Posts for Unlimited Accounts

To get started with scheduling posts for unlimited accounts, you have created an account of using your email address. After verifying your email address, you can log in to the tool. It opens at the dashboard where you get a monthly report of all your published, failed, and total posts from all the accounts. You can get the report for each platform separately as well.

Add Your Social Profiles

add social media accounts for scheduling

The first thing you have to do in this tool is to add your social accounts. To do that, head to the Social Profile section from the navigation bar (click the icon with a profile photo). There it shows you fives options to add your accounts for scheduling. Click on an option and login with your credentials to add a respective account. You can follow this process multiple times to add multiple accounts. You can add the following social profiles:

  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Instagram (Business Account)
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin

select your accounts

When you add an account, this tool fetches all your pages/groups associated with that account. You get the option to choose which profile you like to add and which you want to skip.

Create a Schedule

create a post schedule

Above the profile icon, you get a calendar section where you can plan your future posts and track the schedule. You can search for particular posts, sort posts by status or platform. The tool shows all your scheduled posts on the calendar. From there, you can click on any date to schedule a new post.

schedule posts on multiple platforms

This opens the scheduler where you can create your posts. At the top, it shows all the added profiles, you can pick one or multiple profiles to schedule the posts on them. After that, you can add your caption along with the media. You can either upload the media from local storage or add from the built-in media manager. You can fetch the saved hashtags too. After that, check the Schedule option and enter a date and time to schedule the post. This Scheduler shows you a preview of the post for each social media platform. If you want to schedule posts for a specific platform only, you can click on the respective platform icon from the navigation bar and do just that.

This is how you can schedule posts to unlimited social accounts with this tool. Now, let’s explore some additional perks of this tool.

Save Hashtags for Campaigns

save your hashtags

This tool has a dedicated section for hashtags. In this section, you can save hashtags for different campaigns. Simply click “Add New”, enter your hashtags and save it. You can save any number of hashtag cards here and update or delete them whenever needed. You can fetch these hashtag cards in the scheduler and add all the hashtags from a card to the caption in a single click.

Manage Media

acess your media files

Media Manager is a section that keeps track of all the images and videos you use in your posts. It stores all of them in one place and you can also add more media for later use. You can basically bring up to 1 GB of media online and use them in the posts on the go.

built-in photo touchups

Each media has an Edit and a DesignBold button on it. The edit button opens the media in a built-in editor where you can apply effects to the images, add tint, blend, pixelate, color filters, noise, and more. You can also cut, crop, rotate, draw, add text, and shapes. After editing the image to the media manager.

DesignBold Integration

integrated graphics editor

The DesignBold button opens the media in the DesignBold editor. It is an online graphics editor that is very similar to Canva. In this editor, you can customize your image or build a new one from the ground up.

Brand Watermark on Posts

create brand tag for posts

Last but not least, there is the Watermark section where you can enable and customize a brand watermark for the posts.  You can upload an image or logo of your brand and pick a position for it on the post media. You can change the size and transparency of the watermark. Once enabled,  the media in each published post will have this watermark added onto them.

Wrap Up is a handy tool for individuals and social media managers who have to handle multiple accounts on the same platforms. It makes it easy to schedule posts for all those accounts from one place. There is barely any learning curve and it offers a bunch of additional features that you hardly find in such tools. However, the method is used for Instagram scheduling is not recommended and might lead to an account ban. Apart from that, it is a pretty decent package that has the potential to fulfill your social media scheduling needs.

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