Free personalized fitness routines generator based on AI: FitForge

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FitForge is a free AI based website that helps you to create custom-made fitness routines that are tailored to your requirements. You can define your goals such as Weight Loss, Muscle Building or Strength Training and leave the rest to FitForge. The AI of FitForge will create an ideal fitness voyage for you that is personalized based on your goals and other inputs.

A workout routine is extremely important in the exercise and diet world. Many experts believe that random exercises not adhered to any specific routines produce arbitrary and unpredictable results. A good routine provides a structure that helps you to stay consistent with what you have planned and how you will execute it. It is this steadiness that builds that foundation for achieving the goals that you desire to accomplish. This is precisely where FitForge fits in the game and provides that constancy and steadfastness to your workout routines.

How it Works:

1. Use the link that we have provided at the end of this article to navigate to FitForge and click on ‘Get Started’

2. The first page is where you will be able to define the goals that you wish to achieve. Select one of the options from the choices that have been provided like Weight Loss, Muscle Building or Strength Training and click on ‘Next’.

Define your Goal

3. The next step allows you to select your age using the slider, and the workout schedule that you prefer from the pulldown list. If you have any specific health issues or considerations, you can type them in the text box. Click on ‘Next’ when you are done with the above.

Personal Information & Issues

4. You will be navigated to the Final page where you can opt between only a workout plan or a diet plan as well in addition to a workout plan. You can also select the location where you plan to perform the workout routines such as a Gym or Home workout. Click ‘Submit’ when you have selected the choices.

Workout plan

5. Wait for some time while the AI of FitForge designs a customized workout routine based on the your inputs.

Workout Routine

6. The Routine will give provide you with a daily action plan for all the days of the week depending on all the selections that you have made in the above steps.

7. You can click on the ‘Download’ button to save the Workout routine to your computer in the PNG format.

Closing Comments:

FitForge is a good website that enables you to generate AI based workout routines based on your goals and considerations. A carefully planned routine is extremely important for you to remain consistent in your effort towards achieving your planned goals and hence FitForge can prove to be an important tool for beginners as well as others to develop that momentum in your workout training.

Click here to navigate to FitForge.

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