Find Pokémon that are the Same Height and Weight as You

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Pokefit is a fun little app that has a Pokémon database that you can query and based on your own height and weight. It can find a Pokémon that is the same height and weight as you. As input, it only takes your height in centimeters and weight in kilograms. After that, it finds you the Pokémon that closely matches those parameters.

You can use Pokefit as a kid or as an adult. It is an extremely simple web app and there no registration or sign up required either. You can use it unlimited number of times and share it with your friends as well. Under the hood, it is using the PokéAPI and if you are into programming then you can also build your own version of the app that you can run locally.

How to Find Pokémon that are the Same Height and Weight as You?

As mentioned earlier, that it is extremely simple to use, you just go to the homepage of Pokefit website using the link at the end of this post. The main interface looks like as shown below and you can start using it right away.

Pokefit UI

Now, you just need to enter your height and weight. The weight needs to be entered in kilograms and you need to enter height in centimeters. If you know these measurements in some other units then you can take help of some free online unit converters.

Pokefit enter height and weight

Finally, click on Fit button and give it a few seconds. It will now show you a Pokémon that matches the same height and weight measurements as you. If not exactly the same, the results will be much closer. And for the final Pokémon that it shows, it will display its name, image, number, height and weight.

Pokefit in action

After getting the results, you are free to share on Twitter or copy-paste that anywhere you like. You can keep using this tool in this way any number of times. You can share it with your friends or give it to your children to try and have fun.

Closing thoughts:

I had no idea I am the same height as Charizard! But thanks to Pokefit for letting me know. If you are also curious as to which Pokémon is the same height and weight as you then you can just go ahead and try it on your own and see your results. There is no limit on how many times you can use it.

Try Pokefit here

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