5 Online Computer Quiz For Kids

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This article covers 5 websites with online computer quiz for kids.

Quizzes are good to test someone’s understanding of a particular topic or subject. With these free computer quizzes, you can test kids knowledge about computers. Some quizzes also give you an idea about a kid’s understanding of computers.

The quizzes covered here are designed for kids or someone who has only some basic knowledge of computer. They cover the basic parts, definition, and facts of computers. Each quiz asks you basic simple questions and gives you four options to choose the correct answer. Some questions also show you pictures of computer parts and ask you to identify that part. With these types of questions, kids can learn more about computer and improve their knowledge.

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Here Are 5 Online Computer Quiz For Kids:


computer quiz for kids

As the name suggests, TriviaPlaza is an online trivia quiz website. It has around 30 computer quizzes out of which 10 covers the basics of computer. These 10 quizzes cover computer abbreviations quizzes, names & symbols quizzes, and picture quizzes for computer parts, cables, and peripherals. Each of these computer quizzes features 10 questions with multiple choice answers. There is only one correct answer to every question. These quizzes follows a simple evaluation scheme, you get 1 point for every correct answer and 0 for every wrong answer. When you finish a quiz, you get a grade based on the points you earned in the quiz.

Try this online computer quiz for kids here.


free computer quiz for kids

ProProfs offers 3 basic computer quizzes for kids. You can take Easy Computer Quiz For BeginnersInteresting Basics Computer Quiz, and Basic Computer Knowledge Assessment there. Each of these quizzes features the different number of multiple choice questions. You can run these quizzes in two different modes; Practice Mode and Exam Mode. In the Practice Mode, it tells you whether your answer is correct or not after each question. And, you also get a 30 minutes timeline to complete the quiz. Whereas, in case of Exam Mode, it does not show you answer until you finish the quiz and there is no timeline. You can select any of these modes along with the number of questions before starting a quiz. When you finish the quiz, you get ProProfsCertificate Of Achievement‘ with your score written on it.

Give this online computer quiz for kids a try here.


online computer quiz for kids

WizIQ offers a free computer quiz for kids. This quiz features 16 questions with multiple choices for answers covering the basics of computer. You have to select the possible correct answer as per your knowledge. Although there is no negative marking, if you don’t wanna guess an answer, you can skip it by clicking the ‘Next‘ button. You can also end the quiz at any point with the ‘End Test‘ button. After finishing the quiz, you have to sign up to view your scorecard. From there, you can also revisit each question to review your answers.

Check out this online computer quiz for kids here.


free online computer quiz for kids

QualityPointTech is a tech-blog website that offers a free computer quiz. This quiz covers the basics of computer including computer parts, peripherals, basic definitions, etc. You get 68 questions in this quiz. Each question has two answers written below it, you have to select the correct one. This quiz is not interactive like others so, you might need to write down all your answers. After completing the quiz, you can view the answer key to match your answers. This quiz is basically designed for practice and self-evaluation.

Here is a link to try this online computer quiz for kids.


free computer quiz for kids online

SquiglysPlayHouse is a fun website designed for kids. It has a decent collection of online quizzes and trivia questions covering a wide range of topics. The Computer Quiz here features 10 questions that cover the basic computer terms and definitions. For each question, you get three different choices. You have to select the possible correct answer. After answering all the questions, you can check your answers with the ‘Check Answers‘. This only shows you the number of questions you got right. It does not tell you the correct answer for questions.

You can try this online computer quiz for kids here.

Closing Words

These are 5 free websites with computer quiz for kids. The quizzes featured on these websites are very educational and offer lots of computer related content for kids to learn.

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