5 Free Websites To Draw ER Diagram Online

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This article covers 5 free websites to draw ER Diagram online. ER (Entity-Relationship) Diagram is used to describe interrelated things of interest in a specific domain of knowledge. With these websites, you can easily draw any sort of ER Diagram online as per your preference.

All the websites featured here are absolutely free to use, although some of them also offer premium memberships for additional features. Here, the websites are arranged in order of ease of use.

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Here Are 5 Best Websites To Draw ER Diagram Online:


ERDPlus: draw ER Diagram online

ERDPlus is a simple web-based tool for database modeling. With this tool, you can easily create ER Diagrams online. It features the standard ERD components, Entities, Attributes, and Relationships. These ERD components support the followings:

  • Entity: Regular and Weak entities.
  • Attributes: Regular, Unique, Derived, Composite, Multi-Valued, and Optional attributes.
  • Relationship: Mandatory-Many, Mandatory-One, Optional-Many, and Optional-One relationships.

Apart from ER Diagrams, here you can also draw Relation Schema and can also convert your ER Diagram to Relation Schema as well. ERDPlus also supports Star Schema under which you can draw Fact Tables and Dimension Tables easily.

At ERDPlus, you can save your documents to ERDPlus account and access it anywhere. It also lets you import and export documents for offline use. Another important feature of this tool is that you can export your ER Diagrams and Schemas to SQL database.

Draw ER Diagram online with ERDPlus here.


RealTimeBoard: online ER Diagram

RealTimeBoard is a platform design for online collaboration. It has boards with easy to use components which you can share with your co-workers for collaborative work. It has built-in chat and video chat support for better-combined productivity.

RealTimeBoard has all the components for drawing ER Diagram online. Along with ERD components, it features other annotation tools, such as a pen, sticky note, comments, etc. And, you can upload your custom files and use them in your design.

RealTimeBoard has a smooth and clean design which makes it very easy to use. In the bottom right corner, it shows you an overview of your design which you can switch to fullscreen for more comfortability. And in the end, you can export your board as a PDF, image, or CSV spreadsheet.

Draw ER Diagram online with RealTimeBoard here.


Creately: ER Diagram online

Creately is an online diagram editor that you can use to draw ER Diagram online. It offers same features as RealTimeBoard but with some additional options, for example, here you can link any shape to a URL, adjust its dimensions more precisely and add note/description. It also lets you invite others for online collaboration.

Creately offers a wide range of shapes that covers balloon and star shapes along with basic and block shapes, and you can also get more shape from its online library. It also supports image and graphics, and let you import Visio file as well. This online diagram editor is backed by a template library which has a huge collection of templates for various communities.

Here, you can export your work as image, PDF and SVG file. With its publishing tool, you can generate a shareable URL and can also embed live interactive diagrams on web pages.

Try this online diagram editor here.


Draw.io: ER Diagram online

Draw.io is another powerful online diagram editor with a decent template library. It is a perfect option to create detail-rich ER Diagram online.

Draw.io features even more shapes than Creately; it has a library of shapes with a huge variety of shapes for software, models, and networking tools. You can easily draw ER Diagrams here; all the shapes for ERD are under standard shapes tab. Here, you can fully customize the style, text format, and alignment of your design.

Apart from that, Draw.io supports all major cloud storage services and you can save your design directly to your favorite cloud storage. It also lets you export your design offline as PDF, image, SVG and even as an HTML file.

Give Draw.io a try here.


LucidChart: draw ER Diagram online

LucidChart is a fully-fledged solution for online diagramming, especially for professional use. It is very efficient for database modeling and supports online collaboration as well. Fully integration with G Suite makes it one of the best choices for database modeling for professionals.

Drawing ER Diagram with LucidChart is easy. It features all the standard tools for Entity-Relationship Diagram and supports Visio files as well. Here, you can import diagrams and data from various software and databases. In the end, you can export your ERD model to SQL for different DataBase Management Systems.

LucidChart has all tools and features that other four websites on this list offer. On top of that, it includes other professional grade features which make it an all-in-one solution for database modeling.

Check it out here.

Final Verdict

All the above-listed websites are fully capable for any sort of ER Diagram. Selecting one is totally depends on your needs. If you just want to draw an ER Diagram online then ERDPlus and RealTimeBoard are great options. And, if you are into complex things, then give a try to LucidChart or Draw.io.

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