Firefox Private Network: Free VPN for Firefox Browser

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Mozilla has recently introduced Firefox Private Network, a VPN that offers browser-level and device-level protection. It offers an extension to secure your connection in the Firefox browser and an app for full-device protection. The full-device protection is currently in the early phase with a beta client for  Windows and a waiting list for other platforms. Whereas, the browser extension is available and features a free plan as well.

This new Firefox Private Network extension offers a VPN within the Firefox browser. You can install the extension and turn on the VPN to increase network security on home and public WiFi, protect your web activities, and get trackers off your trail. So, let see how you can get the extension and starts your free plan for secure web browsing.

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Firefox Private Network: Free VPN for Firefox Browser

To get the FPN browser extension, visit the FPN landing page. The landing page shows you both options to get the FPN; browser-level protection and full-device protection. The full-device option currently has a waiting list whereas the browser-level option gives you a button to get the extension right away. Simply tap that button to add the extension to your Firefox browser. Do note that, the extension is currently only available in the United States but you can get it using a US VPN.

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When the extension is installed, you get an FPN icon in the menubar from where you can access the FPN menu and toggle the VPN. Initially, it shows you a “Continue” button where you have to sign in with your Firefox account. After that, it gives you toggle to enable the VPN.

free firefox vpn for firefox browser

The free plan of the FPN browser extension allows you 12 free passes per month. Each pass lasts 60 minutes and can not be paused or stopped in the middle. And, you can also subscribe to the FPN $4.99 plan to get unlimited VPN whenever needed. The paid plan can be used on other devices as well.

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Unlike many other web browsers, the Firefox community is known for their commitment to user privacy and with the launch of FPN, they take the privacy and security to the next step. The browser-based free plan is decent for occasional use and the $4.99 subscription plan seems fair compared to all the other VPN services out there.

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