GetHash: Free Hash Generator And Hash Checker

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GetHash is a free hash generator and hash checker software. It is used to get the hash values of downloaded files and to compare the downloaded files integrity, and find out whether you downloaded the same file or a different file.

This hash generator automatically computes 5 different hashsums of any downloaded file, whether be it a zip file, or setup, video, photo, or any other document. All you need to do is select a file and the freeware automatically generates MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA364, and SHA512 hashsums.


You can then save these hashsums as .txt and .sums files, together or separately. To make it more usable, it also lets you copy complete hashsums or a single hashsum to clipboard with a single click and then, lets you use this copied hashsum for checking the files integrity.

GetHash - saving hashsums

Get hashsums of downloaded files and check files integrity using this hash generator:

GetHash is a simple and straightforward freeware. It has two basic purposes: finding hashsums of any downloaded file, and checking the files integrity using hashsums. The freeware is pretty good at doing so. It is fast, simple, and effective. It downloads fast as the size is too small. Installing it is pretty easy. It takes only a few seconds to generate the hashsums, and so is the process of checking files integrity.

Those who don’t know what hashsums are? Well, they are a series of numbers used to distinctively identify a file and it’s contents. So no two different files can have the same hashsum. It is a great method to check the files credibility and identity.

Using this freeware you can find out the downloaded files integrity, because the hashsum of incompletely downloaded file has a different value than the hashsum value of a complete file. Also, there are cases where, a different file is uploaded by a file name that you are looking for and, you download that file thinking, it’s the one that you are looking for.

This freeware is pretty well made, and a good thought is given to it’s design. It looks good. Every single action’s button is at the interface. Good thing is the freeware gives instructions in it’s interface, making it more easy to work. There are two main tabs in the interface: Get HashSum and Check HashSum.

Simply click on Get Hashsum tab and click on the Browse button to select a file for generating it’s hashsums. The freeware automatically generates 5 different hashsums. There are buttons corresponding to each hashsum, which includes: Copy to clipboard, Save, and Close. Simply, click on desired as required.

GetHash - generating hashsums

GetHash also lets you check the files for their integrity by comparing the hashsums. Go to Check HashSum tab, and then browse the downloaded file, the freeware automatically get’s its hashsums. Next, all you need to do is enter hashsum value or browse the hashsum file. After doing that simply click on the Compare Hashsums button at top right corner. It then gives message either as “HashSums Match” or “No Match Found”.

GetHash - comparision result.

Key features of this free hash generator:

  • Completely free.
  • Good hash generator and checker.
  • Good looking interface.
  • Copy hashsums to clipboard, or save them.
  • Works on 64-bit Windows 7, 8.
  • Fast, simple, and easy.
  • Lightweight

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GetHash is a simple and handy freeware to get and compare hashsums. It works fast and doesn’t degrades system performance while comparing or generating hashsums. A good freeware to try.

Get GetHash here.

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