Archeotes: Free Data Backup Software

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Archeotes is a free data backup software used to create backup of files and folders in any other data storage location (drives) or USB drives. The freeware gives a minimalist medium to copy, compress, and encrypt the backup files. It creates a backup of all the constituent files and sub-directories inside the destination folder.

On top of that you can also add some filters and specifications for backups. It uses the file’s hash tag comparison for identifying existing files already backed up in destination folder.

Archeotes - main window

It is a manually operated data backup software that can backup multiple folders together at one time. Simply add as many important folders as required, add filters and backup settings, and create backups. You can also save the these backup modules as .INI files and then, quickly reload them anytime and bring back all added folders with their backup settings and filters.

Create data backup using this free backup software:

Archeotes is a decent freeware to choose for creating data backups. However, it does lacks the auto-backup (that is backup scheduling) feature. Also there’s one more important feature missing, which is ability to batch backup different backup modules. This backup software can only create backups of multiple folders and files together (that is only one backup module at a time).

Besides these limitations, there are some pretty good features in this freeware to create data backups. This freeware is developed using Python language. It lets you create data backups in one of the easiest and simple way possible. The main interface is simple and easy, but the sub-window for adding source and destination folders and giving backup attributes, looks a bit techy. Though it’s operable. Simply click on the requisite button on the main window.

To specify source and destination folders and then give backup settings, click on Configuration of backup settings button in main window. A new window gets opened. There are basically four tabs in this window to set backup attributes: General Settings, Options Manager, Additional Parameters, and Errors.

Archeotes - backup settings window

General Settings is pretty much the main tab. Using this alone you can choose the source and destination folders, and then specify the backing up attributes, like: files that are to be excluded, compared with MD5 hash tag, compressed, or encrypted. Simply click on respective Add buttons to add source and destination folders.

Now to give backup attributes, simply click on a folder from the source folders list. All the files contained inside it gets displayed in the right most file browser pane. All you need to do is right-click on a desired file, this opens a context menu containing following options: Exclude, Old copies, MD5 compare, Encrypt, and Encrypt filename. Simply choose the desired. You can add these specifications only on the selected file or on all the files of selected file’s type. You can remove any added specification.

Archeotes - files pane and applying specifications

One good feature of this data backup software is, it gives you option to specify a time after which files from destination folder gets automatically deleted, as soon as they are deleted in the source. This option comes under Additional parameter tab. Simply add the delay time in years, days, hours, and minutes.

Archeotes - setting obsolescence delay time

Once done simply save the backup module, using File menu, and then click on Backup button on main window to create a backup. The freeware displays a message after successful backup showing a log report.

Key features of this free backup software:

  • Completely free.
  • Good data backup software.
  • Set specifications for backups.
  • Creates a log report of backed up files.
  • Simple and easy.

Here are some good freeware freeware for backing up data, check them out.

Final note:

Archeotes is a good data backup software. It’s simple, easy, and fast. Although it has it’s limitations, but it is pretty much practical.

Try Archeotes here.

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