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Tubalr is a free web app which helps us to watch YouTube videos like a playlist. Tubalr is an incarnation of  simplicity for music lovers who hunt around the entire discographies of their favorite bands or artists. With Tubalr,  you can stack all the YouTube videos at one place and then watch them one by one.

Tubalr converts YouTube into a music jukebox. In times when fidelity is getting cheaper by the day, Tubalr sure makes a big impact as a free solution (Cheap, ain’t I ?).

Tubalr Watch Youtube Videos Music Jukebox

Tubalr allows you to watch YouTube videos in a  customized playlist format with your favourite singles on it. You can display the YouTube Videos playlist to a wider audience by simply sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Tubalr has buttons for these social networking sites.

Apart from being a fun app, Tubalr is a great tool for DJs as it helps to amalgamate YouTube in a no-nonsense manner. Tubalr is a handy and effective tool for amateur music makers or online Radio Stations (See, another cheap idea).

While I am not a creative genius, I know there are many of you out there who could tweak Tubalr and convert it into a superb musical device. You cannot download music with Tubalr.  You can choose from an online or Desktop video downloader. Tubalr aids sorting of YouTube videos.

Features of Free Music Jukebox Tubalr

  • Tubalr is free of cost.
  • Saves Storage Space, Tubalr is a web-based app, so you don’t need to save anything on your Hard Drive.
  • Great YouTube App, The free web app simplifies sorting of similar videos on Youtube.
  • Easy Sign up, you don’t need to go through a lengthy web form for signing in to Tubalr.
  • It is simple enough to make a playlist on Tubalr, you just need to click on the Favourite Iconto make a playlist.
  • Social Sharing is not much trouble. When you have selected your favourites, then look over the playlist, you will notice two small icons representing Facebook and Twitter. Share your playlist on your preferred network.
  • No downloading can be performed on Tubalr.

How to use Tubalr to watch YouTube videos

To watch YouTube videos on Tubalr all you have to do is follow this simple procedure:

  • Visit the Tubalr Homepage.
  • Create your Tubalr Account.
  • Type the artist’s or band’s name to watch YouTube videos related to the keyword.
  • A roster/playlist is displayed on the right hand side containing all the sorted videos. To choose another track, simply click on it.
  • To favorite a video, look beside the Tubalr YouTube Player, where you have a Star icon. Click on it for favouriting the video.
  • Below the Favourite icon, there’s an i icon, which provides information regarding the artist or band. Clicking on “My Favs” will automatically show your entire playlist of Favorite videos.
  • Last.FM allows you to classify music videos on the basis of genre. By clicking on genre, you can select your favourite music style.
  • If you are interested in Keyword statistics, you can do so by clicking on stats.

Tubalr is a great web app which simplifies sorting similar clips on YouTube. Convert YouTube into a Music Jukebox with Tubalr.

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