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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a unique website that helps you to bulk search if your list of Followers, Following, Friends and more from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, exist on Mastodon.

Mastodon is a is a free and open-source social network platform that was founded in October 2016. It isn’t a single platform like Twitter or Facebook but a network of thousands of servers operated by various individuals and organizations to provide a seamless social media experience. It is increasingly becoming popular as it supports microblogging features like Twitter and comes with effective anti-abuse tools and strict codes of conduct to provide a safe social media environment that is lacking in other popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

People migrating to Mastodon face a unique problem. They already have a list of users whom they follow or the ones who follow their account on various popular social media platforms. Once, you migrate, it becomes very difficult to check if these people are also on present on Mastodon. helps you achieve this task very easily. You simply need to carry out the following steps in order.

1. Gather a list of all those contacts from your existing social media accounts, whose presence you wish to check on Mastodon.

2. Type the list in the space provided taking care to format it as a comma separated list with no ‘@’ symbol. For example, if you need to check the handles @frank, @bill and @janet then the list would be formatted as frank, bill, janet.


3. Once the list is complete, click on ‘Search Mastodon’

4. In a couple of seconds, the website will provide you information if the typed handles exist on Mastodon.

5. If the handles do not exist, then the website simply informs that the profile is not found on Mastodon. In case they exist, then the website provides details of the Profile including Name of the Person, Mastodon handle, No. of Followers & Following, Last updated information and a link to the profile

Profile not found

Profile Found

It may very well be possible that the handles you are searching for may have used a different name on Mastodon as compared to their other social media accounts. Hence if a name check is successful, you must access their Mastodon profile and verify if it is the same person that you believe.

Verdict: is a very good and effective website to check if your list Friends, Following and Followers from other social media platforms are present on Mastodon. It works effectively and is very handy once you start using Mastodon and need to build your network.

Go ahead and access the website from this link.

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