2 Free Online Twitter Giveaway Picker Websites

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A Twitter Giveaway is in reality, a marketing campaign run by many brands on Social Media, especially directed towards the Users of Twitter. These brands typically request the users to accomplish certain tasks and get an opportunity to win a contest with an award. Examples of such tasks can be following a Twitter account, commenting on a Tweet, Re-posting a Tweet and more. These Tweets are more often than not, conversations that are relevant to a certain brand and industry.

The Giveaways provide people a good reason to be a part of your Social Media brand community and are an effective strategy to create brand loyalty, generating visitors for your Twitter Profile and website and make your content viral.

In this article I will be discussing about 2 Free Websites that will automatically and randomly pick the winner of your Twitter Giveaway.

1. Pick a Winner from Tweet Contest:

This website randomly selects the winner for the Twitter Giveaway based on the replies to the Tweet that you have posted. You do not need to login to Twitter or share any info to use this service. Just copy the link to the original Tweet and paste it in box for the Tweet URL. The algorithm will select the winner randomly in just a couple of seconds. I tried to use this website and found that it often behaves erratically probably due to some runtime issues with the Twitter API. If you are using this website to select the winner, Twitter Users who have made their account private will not be considered for the giveaway.

Click here to access this website

2. AppSorteos – Free Twitter Giveaway picker:

This website boasts of two ways of selecting the Giveaway winner. The first is for users who Retweet your posts and the second is for anyone who follows your Twitter account. You need grant sign in and grant access to your Twitter account to use this website. Here is how it works:

i) Click on ‘Retweets’ or ‘Followers’ to run the Giveaway as per your requirement and paste the URL of the Tweet.

ii) A list of participants will be randomly created from the users who have Retweeted your post or your Twitter followers depending on the type of Giveaway. This will take some time depending on the number of Retweets or Followers.

iii) Click on Settings to select the number of Winners, Substitutes, provide a Title to the Giveaway and more. Then click on ‘Confirm’

iv) Click on ‘Start’ to run the algorithm and the Winner will be displayed.

v) Click on ‘Certificate’ to generate one, which you can issue to the Giveaway Winner.

vi) There is also a provision to ‘Replace’ the selected winner with another one for some specific reason.

Click here to use this website to run your Twitter Giveaway.

Apart from creating Brand Awareness, Twitter Giveaway Contests can also be used to improve other areas of your marketing strategy, such as promotions of new products and services, cross-promotion of other social media channels, driving traffic to your website and more. But most importantly, these Giveaways are an excellent and enjoyable way to demonstrate to your online audience that you value and care for their loyalty.

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