2 Free Conjunction Checker Websites to Find occurrences of Conjunctions

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Conjunction Checkers are online applications that use AI to help identify all the Conjunctions in your passages and writing. They are very useful for students, researchers etc. to improve the quality of their content.

A Conjunction is a part of speech of the English language that we use to connect two words, phrases or clauses. It’s important to identify them and learn their usage as they help us in building complex sentences.

In this article we have reviewed two Conjunction Checkers viz, InkforAll and NounPlus and presented the results.


Inkforall is a website that provides a whole lot of AI writing tools to help you in drafting better content. The Conjunction Checker of InkforAll helps you to identify various types of conjunctions in your passages, like ‘coordinating’, ‘subordinating’ and more.

You can use it to identify 4 to 5 conjunctions freely for up to 50 passages. Subsequently you will have to use your Credit Card to activate a free trial under different plans. Alternatively you can increase your count of free attempts by sharing an INK link with your friends and asking them to activate their account using this link.

How it Works:

  1. Navigate to the InkforAll conjunction checker from the link provided below and Sign in using your Facebook or Google account.
  2. Copy-paste the passage or type directly in the ‘Your Sentence’ text box and click ‘Analyze’.
  3. The AI algorithms of InkforAll will set into motion, identify all the conjunctions in your passage and display them in the results box.
  4. Remember that you can identify only 4 to 5 conjunctions (and, but, so, not) by default unless the free trial has been activated.
  5. Apart from Conjunction Checker, InkforAll boasts of a lot of other writing assistance tools Noun checker, Verb finder, Parts of Speech checker etc which you can use for writing compelling packages.


This is a reasonable Conjunction Checker limited by the small number of conjunctions that can be analyzed. You need to activate your free trial for a complete identification of all possible occurrences.  The AI is erratic and sometimes unreliable, as it misses out the conjunctions which it claims to identify like ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’, and ‘nor’ in your text.  The developers need to address this issue for it to become acceptable for the user.

You can access the InkforAll conjunction checker from this link.


NounPlus is an Online Free Grammar and Spell Checker that helps you to improve your English writing, Grammar and Spelling. It is completely free to use without any conditions and also boasts of an Android and iOS version. The conjunction checker tool comes as a part of the Grammar Check.

How it works:

  1. Navigate to the NounPlus Grammar Check tool from the link provided below.
  2. Copy-paste the passage or type directly in the text box provided for the purpose.
  3. NounCheck will analyze your passage and provide suggestions (if any) in the ‘our suggestion’ box.
  4. Any conjunctions in your content will be colored Green in the ‘your writing’ box.

You can also use NounPlus to identify errors and uncertainties in your writing as well as spelling mistakes. Each of these will be identified with a different color code.


NounPlus Grammar check is an ‘okay’ tool for identifying the conjunctions in your passage. It usually identifies the conjunctions correctly. But, the AI logic of NounPlus Grammar check too is erratic and sometimes gives quite strange and unpredictable results. On a couple of occasions, the suggestions it provided had spelling mistakes of their own. The developers need to work hard on the algorithms to improvise them and offer an acceptable choice to the users.

You can access the conjunction checker of NounPlus from this link.

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