Free AI-based Writing Software with Readability Check, Image Optimization

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This article covers a free AI-based writing software with readability check, image optimization, SEO, and more. INK is an AI-based writing software that helps you optimize the web content. This is a complete editor with all the text formatting and media options necessary for web content. This software checks the readability by analyzing the content relevance. It covers the word counts, composition, links, spell check, exact keyphrases, topically completion, and metadata. It also optimizes the images with alt text score and image caption.

This software is available for Windows and macOS and need an active internet connection to work. It also has night mode along with a colorblind and dyslexia mode. You can import the content to this software from text file, HTML file, markdown file, and URL. And, after optimizing the content, you can export to text, HTML, and markdown. There is also an INK WordPress plugin which lets you export the content directly to WordPress.

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Free AI-based Writing Software with Readability Check, Image Optimization

INK is basically a self-service search engine optimization software that helps you optimize your content for better ranking. UI-wise, this software neat and well sorted. You get an editor in the middle with optimization options on the right and other file and accessibility options on the left.

AI-based writing software

The left side section application, file, edit, themes, accessibility, and tools. From here, you can import/export the content and save it locally. You can toggle the side panels, change themes, and enable accessibility options.

When you paste your content to the editor, it runs a content relevance check on it and shows the relevance percentage along with optimization options. To perform this check, you have to enter the SEO key phrase for the content.

Readability Check

optimize content readibility

The content relevance check returns with two main optimization options, Word Tasks and Relevance Tasks. The word Tasks returns with composition, word count and links. It highlights the complicated hard-to-read sentences and suggests the optimization for that. Then, it suggests the ideal work limits along with ideal number of hyperlinks.

optimize content spellings

The Relevance Tasks option checks the semetic breadth of the article against search engine semetic expectation. It also analyzes the number of exact key phrase usage along with meta title and meta description. In case of any issue, it suggests you to optimize that.

Word Composition

content text composition

Another unique and useful feature of this software is Word Composition. You can access this feature under the Tools section on the left side panel. This feature generates a list of word composition used in the article and marks each type in the content as well. It uses color code for each word type to help you easily identify that in the content.

Image Optimization

image optimization

Along with the content, this software helps you optimize the media as well. alt text score and image caption. To optimize the media, it asks you to add a proper alt text and image caption. It scores the alt text based on content and limit and provides recommendations to fix that.

After optimizing the content, you can save it as an INK file or export it to TXT, HTML, or Markdown. Alternatively, if you use WordPress, you can install the INK plugin and export the content to WordPress directly.

Grab this AI-based writing with content optimization capabilities from here.

Closing Words

INK is a one of kind writing and real-time content optimization software that you can use as your primary writing tool. The main motto of this software is to help writers optimize the content in real-time for higher ranking in the search engine. All the optimization features are working nicely and provide guidelines to optimize the content and media. I faced some issues with the spell checker though. Sometimes it doesn’t catch some of the spelling mistakes and incorrect sentences.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 14 Average: 5]
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