Firefox Monitor Alerts You When Your Email is Leaked in any Hack

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This article covers a simple tool to alerts you when your email is leaked in any hack. There have been several big data breaches in recent years that revealed millions of peoples’ email addresses and password in public. And, there is no surety that such breaches are going to stop. So, how to stay updated about public data breaches so that you can change your sensitive information when needed.

Firefox Monitor is a free data breach monitor tool that lets you monitor your email against data breaches and alerts you when it finds your email address in a public breach. In order to receive alerts, you need a Firefox account which is free to create, if you don’t have one already. You can add all your email addresses to this tool and monitor them all at once. It sends the alerts to the primary email address along with the option to receive the alerts on the affected email address(es). With that said, let’s check out this tool in details.

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Monitor Your Email Against Public Data Breaches with Alerts

Firefox Monitor is a free tool by Firefox to check if your email address is affected by any public data breach. It provides two different methods to check if your email address is compromised in any public data breach.


The first method is Anonymous Check where you can quickly check your email address against all the public breaches since 2007 without any login or sign up. Whereas the second method is to continually monitor your email address(es) and send email alerts whenever an email address is affected. This method requires a Firefox account.

Anonymous Check


In the Anonymous Check, you can simply visit the Firefox Monitor website and enter your email address there to check it. This tool checks your email address against all the known public data breaches since 2007 and lists all the breaches in which your email address has appeared, if any. It also provides information about the breaches like breach report date, compromised data, etc.

Monitor Email against Public Data Breaches with Alerts


If you log in to Firefox Monitor, you can enable continuous monitoring for multiple email addresses. This tool adds your current email address to the monitoring list and gives you an option to add more email addresses to the list. From the Account Preferences, you can add multiple email addresses one by one. Do note that, you have to verify each email address to successfully add it to the monitoring list.

From here, you can also customize the breach alerts as per your convenience. You can either receive all the breach alerts on your primary email address (one used for the account) or get the alerts on the affected email address. And, if you want to disable the monitoring, you can do that anytime from the Preferences and also remove your account if you like.

Check your Email with Firefox Monitor here.

Wrap Up

Firefox Monitor is a handy tool to automatically monitor all your email addresses against all the known public data breaches all over the world. If any of your email addresses are affected, this tool immediately alerts you which might give you a chance to manage sensitive data before any mishappening.

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