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OpenGameArt is a free website to download free artwork and music for games. You can download visual elements that can be used while designing games. You can use a large selection of them in your commercial game projects. These art pieces are available under various different licenses. As the developers of this website explain, this site was made to provide good art for open source games. Usually, open source games would include poorly designed elements even though the game mechanics are awesome. This is commonly known as ‘programmer’s art’, which OpenGameArt is able to fix for a lot of projects. There are various types of game elements that you can find here, such as sprites, backgrounds, powerups, etc. Apart from visual items, you can also download music from this site to use in your game. Sound effects can add an extra punch when there are explosions, firefights, level changes and intense decisions among many important moments.

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OpenGameArt provides its users 3D as well as 2D artwork. If you’re an artist, you can submit your own artwork. If you happen to find your newfound passion in game designing, OpenGameArt is a really useful web resource for you. Apart from that, you will need a platform to design games. Here is a list of 5 game makers where you can design your games. So get to work!

Without further ado, let’s take a better look at OpenGameArt.

How to Use OpenGameArt

When you register and log onto OpenGameArt, you can browse art submitters and artworks popular the current month on the right. On the left, you’ll find active forum topics. The latest popular art and audio samples can be browsed right in the middle.

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Everything that matters on this site can be browsed from the top menu bar. The Browse option lets you see a list of 2D art, 3D Art, textures, concept art, music, sound effects, documents you can download. It will also provide you tutorials. When you further select a section, you can browse them through an advanced search, where license specific and string specific filters can help you find the right thing. Click on an artwork to go to its separate forum thread. You can download free artwork by clicking its link and also give your feedback below.


If you’re an artist yourself, click on Submit Art at the top to upload your own artwork. Select the art type and art license at the left. Scroll down and you can upload a file for preview and the other files you want to include in the thread. Make sure you keep the air clear if your upload is not your own work. Also read more about the license you are releasing the artwork under.  You can also mention other OpenGameArt users who have collaborated with you to make that artwork.

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OpenGameArt also offers a host of kits for different genre of games so you can start fast without difficulties. These can be browsed in Collect>Art Collections at the top. Likewise, you can compile your own collection too.


OpenGameArt has made it possible for open source game developers to stop worrying about the artwork and music on their game. The only hiccup you might experience is the delay when upload your own artwork. This is because your artwork is being verified for originality and license. This website deserves 4.8 stars for the service it’s providing.

Check out OpenGameArt.

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