3 Free Blockchain Based IM Services

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The Blockchain technology uses decentralized network encrypted using cryptography. This technology was originally invented for digital currency and making online payment transactions simple and more secure. Due to the merits of this technology, many services and industries have started using blockchain to provide a safe and secure platform to their users.

In this article, I covered 3 free blockchain based IM services for secure messaging. All these services are exclusive to mobile device only and available for both mainstream mobile platform, Android and iOS. The first app is completely focused on secure messaging whereas, the second one has a crypto wallet on top. And, the third one is a blockchain based IM service along with a social network. So, let’s check them out.

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3 Free Blockchain Based IM Services For Secure Messaging:


blockchain based chat service

Dust is a free blockchain based IM services for secure messaging. You can use this service on Android and iOS devices. The mobile app offers a handful of unique features to provide you with a safe and secure platform for private conversations. One of the main features of this app is automatically erasing/dusting message upon reading confirmation which is also the reason behind the name Dust.

In this app, you can set the messages to auto delete from both, sender and receiver, phones’ after a period of 24 hours. You can also manually delete a message any time you want and the message will be deleted from both devices as well. By default, the screenshots are disabled in the app however if one party takes a screen, the app gives an in-chat notification to the other party. With these privacy-focused featured, it is a nice app for secure messaging.

Download this free blockchain based IM service here.


blockchain based service for secure messaging

Status is another free blockchain based IM services for secure messaging. This service is available for Android and iOS mobile platform. It uses Ethereum’s blockchain to provide a safe and secure communication platform. All the messages you send through this service are end-to-end encrypted and offer you complete privacy. This app has a Browser privacy mode, when enabled, it opens the in-chat links in incognito/private mode.

Status also has public chat groups which are also encrypted and secure. Apart from the IM, this app also has a built-in Ethereum wallet. With this wallet, you can send-receive Ethereum and track your transactions.

You download this blockchain based IM app from here.


free blockchain based chat service
The next blockchain based IM service for secure messaging on this list is e-Chat. This service uses IPFS technology to offer a peer-to-peer secure communication medium. It is also available for both, Android and iOS devices.
Along with instant messaging, the e-Chat works on Instagram-like social network as well. You can post on the network and follow other users. The social network has a content creator section with YouTube-like features where you can view the content of thousands of creators around the world and tip them. All these features are combined in a single secure app.

Give this blockchain based IM app a try here.

 Wrap Up:

These are the 3 free blockchain based IM services for secure messaging. These services offer you a safe and secure communication medium with complete data privacy. Give them a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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