5 Free Online Password Generator To Generate Password Online

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Here, are 5 free online password generator websites to generate passwords online. With the help, of these websites you can generate strong passwords, which can be, used to secure your accounts or other personal information.

Most of these websites let you specify the criterion for generating passwords, and then generate the password for you. You can define password preferences, like, password length, usage of special characters etc.

Strong Password Generator

Password Generator 001

Strong Password Generator is a free password generator which allows you to create strong password, and secure passwords. This online password generator is easy to use, as you simply need to set the length and check the include symbols box for including symbols in your password, and click on “Generate strong password” button. Within few seconds, it shows you the password.

Here is the best thing about this password generator: It tells you how to remember that password! For example, it generated a strong password for me, and then gave me a phrase that I can remember to easily recall my password. Check the screenshot above to get an idea. That’s really cool.

This password generator allows you to generate password with minimum 5  characters and maximum 30 characters. This password generator generates passwords that include uppercase letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Once you have generated a password, you can use a free password manager to easily store passwords. And you can also check strength of password.

Free Password Generator

Password Generator 002

Free Password Generator is another free online password generator which allows you to create strong custom passwords in a blink. This password generator allows you to choose the characters to be used in the passwords. You can choose characters between the string letters, capital letters, numbers and symbol, or you can choose all of them for creating a very secure and strong password.

After the first step of selecting the characters you need to set the password length. Once you have set the password length click on “Generate” button. This password generator generates the password and shows it to you. Copy the password and start using it.


Password Generator 003

Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative from this list.

PasswordBird is another straight-forward password generator website that allows you to create a password with the help of few details, which you feed, in.  This password generator asks you 3 question and creates the password from the answers that you give for these questions.

It asks your special name, any special word to you, a special date to you. You need to type in answers for these questions and select your special date from the drop down menu.

Now, click “create password” button and view the password generated. If suppose you don’t like the password click on the link for new one, and you can view a new password.

This password generator doesn’t give you option for selecting the characters for the password or to set the password length. But the fact that it lets you choose name, word, and date makes it easy to remember password later.

You would also like to check out IObit Random Password Generator reviewed by us.


Password Generator 004

Maord is one of websites with options to create a custom and strong  password which is highly secure. Moreover, this website also allows you to create multiple secure passwords at a time.

This bulk password generator website allows you to set the password length, quantity of passwords, characters to be used in a password. This password generator also allows you to create a type safe password by excluding few confusing characters.

Moreover, this password generator website also gives options to view the passwords on the webpage or download it as a CSV file or plain text file.


Password Generator 005

SafePassWD is one of the quick password generator website. This password generator allows you to create password which are easy to remember, password with only letters, numbers, both letters and numbers, all characters, etc.

Moreover this password generator includes a slider by which you can set the length of the password. This password generator offers the easiest way to generate passwords. When the password is generated it shows you the password details and password strength.

So these were few password generator websites which allows to create custom and strong passwords. Try out these websites to create strong passwords.

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