Windows 8 Word Search Game: 3rd Floor Word Search

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3rd Floor Word Search is a Windows 8 Word Search Game. In this game, you just have to find words from the appearing jumbled words matrix that is given to you. You can choose from 4 different game modes to play the game. The game has 4 different difficulty types available. You have the independence to choose from 150 different categories.

The good number of game categories, different modes, and difficulty types will ensure that you get a new word each time you play. The game will ensure that you learn while playing it.

3rd Floor Word Search is freely available in the games category of the Windows store.

3rd Floor Word Search

Playing this Windows 8 Word Search Game

On the main page of the game, the option to start playing will appear. Just below it, the games you have played, the score you have earned, and the number of words you have found will be shown.

3rd Floor Word Search- Main screen

As you choose the option to start, on the next screen that appears Game mode, Difficulty type, and the categories according to which words would be shown to you. Choose the Game mode, set a difficulty type, and choose a category from the appearing options.

You will be provided with a jumbled matrix of words. Along with that, a number of words will be shown in a vertical panel. You have to find these jumbled words from the matrix. Words are horizontally, vertically, diagonal arranged, and that too can be arranged in starting from upper side, from the bottom side, from the left side, or from the right side.

Let me tell you about the four modes available here:

Classic Mode

In the classic mode of the game, you simply have to try to find out the words that would be shown to you in the panel, as quickly as possible. On the basis of the time you take to find the words, score would be given to you.

3rd Floor Word Search- Classic mode

First Letter Only Mode

In this mode, you have to find words as quickly as possible, the only difference being that you would only be shown the first character of the word. All the other characters would be shown by question marks.

3rd Floor Word Search- First letter only

Keep it going mode

In this mode, you would be given a time within which you have to find all the words. For every word you find, extra time would be given to you. If you have founded all the words given to you, and time remains, a new matrix would be given to you with a new set of words. The timer for that matrix will start from where you have completed the last set of words. Game ends when the time runs out on you. On the basis of the difficulty of words you are provided with, and the time you were able to keep the game going on, score would be awarded to you.

3rd Floor Word Search- Keep it going

Free Play Mode

In this mode of the game, you don’t have to worry about anything, as no time is taken into consideration. Just keep on solving as long as you like to.

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Key Features of 3rd Floor Word Search

  • The game can be played in 4 different modes.
  • It has variable difficulty types.
  • You have the option to choose from 150 categories to play the game.
  • It is freely available.

My Verdict

3rd Floor Word Search Game is quite a nice Windows 8 Word Search Game with 4 different modes to play, and 4 difficulty types. The user will find it somehow funny that in the interface which comes after we choose to start the game, the game mode and difficulty type are jumbled up. The game mode includes the four types which, in real are the difficulty type. Other than that, all things with the game are quite nice. I am sure that you will have a good experience playing it.

Get 3rd Floor Word Search here

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Works With: Windows 8
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