Create 3D Box Images of your Products with MC 3D Cover Box Designer

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MC 3D Cover Box Designer is a free cover box creator for designing virtual product covers. You can create virtual cover boxes for your products using this freeware. The free 3D cover box creating tool can be used for dynamic graphical representation of software and other product holders. Suppose, you are launching a product through the internet with 3D cover box. Now, people who want to view your product will open the 3D cover, like they do with the physical products, to use the product. This brings added glamor and graphical attraction to the products.

Download and Installation of this 3D Cover Box Designer

MC 3D Cover Box Designer tool is available for download here. Once the download is complete, the installation wizard appears that will guide you through the rest of the steps. Acceptance of the terms of services and selection of the location are the few steps for installation. The main window of this free cover box creator appears automatically when you click the ‘finish’ button at the end of installation process. If you are interested to check out DVD cover makers, you can try DVD Slim, Free DVD Cover Maker and AVS Document Maker.

Using MC 3D Cover Box Designer

MC 3D Cover Designer is very simple to use and understand. Some of the basic understandings to run the software have been shared at the bottom of the main window. Though short, this help option very efficiently conveys how to work with the tool. ‘File’ and ‘View’ are the only two menus present at the tool window. The File menu has usual functionality such as saving the 3D cover or opening a new one. One may also open an existing project whereby 3D cover design can be saved as an image too.

The View menu has MC 3D Cover-view specific options. You can move camera closer or further making the cover appearance larger or smaller respectively. The height, width and thickness of the designed 3D cover can be increased or decreased too in order to suit the requirements of the virtual cover.

The small question sign beside view menu has the link to the homepage of the tool’s website. The main window of this free cover box creator has four sections. To the left is 2D pattern view and on the right you have the 3D model view. The 2D pattern view is the section where customization and designing is done. Here, you can select the images, texts, etc. that you want to be there on the virtual cover. The length, the width and the height of the cover can also be adjusted through the three sets of arrow tabs. The 3D model view section indeed shows the view of the actual model.

To select the view for the sides of the virtual 3D cover, you have to double click on the respective sides and choose an appropriate image for it. Once you have selected images for all four sides, you can view them by rotating the image at 3D model view section. You have to press and hold the left click while moving the mouse around to view the different sides of the cover.

Below the 2D Pattern View lies 3D Options which allow you to select the background colour and the lights directions. The background colour is the simple colour of the background. The Ambient light is the colour of the in cover which the object is being viewed. The different colours of ambient light have different effect on the overall appearance of the cover. Directional light signifies the lateral and vertical direction of the light. There are scroll-bars also available to adjust these effects. You can save the project when all the desired effects have been achieved for the cover with this free 3D cover box creating tool.

MC 3D Cover Box Designer is a simple tool with some really fascinating features. It can be very useful for graphic designers and those who work on a product’s virtual representation. The functions of the tool are easy and can be understood by even the beginners.

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