How to Change Case of Specific Cell, Row, Column, Range of Google Sheet

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Sheet Tools is a set of more than 15 smart features in the form of an add-on for simplifying and automating common tasks of data manipulation in Google Sheets. These tasks may be cumbersome if done manually. Few examples of these are finding duplicates, matching and merging data, finding specific date and changing the case of text etc.

In this article, we will be dealing with this last feature namely, changing text case automatically without any formula.

Sheet Tools is actually an add-on that you can download from the Google Workspace Marketplace. The link for this is provided at the end of this article.

Often, when we type data in Google Sheets, we aren’t much bothered about the case of the text, capitalization, etc. Later when we realize this, it becomes an uphill task to edit each text carrying cell and do the needful. Sheet Tools does this task easily for us. You need to select a Cell, Row, Column or Range and apply the case modification options of Sheet tools.

The following changes are available after selecting the text:

  1. Title Case
  2. Capitalize each word
  3. Lower case
  4. Lower case and capitalize
  5. Upper Case
  6. Swap case

Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Download and install the add-on from the link available at the end of this article. You need to be logged in to Google to install it

2. Once installed it appears as an icon in the Google Sheets side panel

3. Click on the Sheet Tools icon to open its toolbox. Click on ‘Use it’ in the ‘Case Tools’.

4. Select the required text in a Cell, Row, Column or Range of Cells, whose case you wish to alter.

5. Select the type of case manipulation you wish to perform like Title Case or Capitalize Each Word and click on ‘Change Case’ for the changes to take effect.

After a couple of manipulations, Sheet Tools will ask the user to give a 5 star rating for the product failing which you will not be able to continue using it.


Sheet Tools is really a very helpful add-on to perform data manipulations in Google sheets that are frequently required and prove to be cumbersome and time consuming. An oft-repeated task is the changing of the case of the text and Sheet Tools comes in pretty handy at doing this task in a variety of ways.

Go ahead, download and install this add-on from this link and see how it works.

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