Create Doodles Using Petit Paint Windows 8 Doodle App

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Petit Paint is a Windows 8 Doodle App. You can conveniently use it to doodle. Add awesome pictures, and doodle it with Textual Data and Emoticons. In addition to that, you can save these doodled images and pictures to your local storage and your online cloud storage drive like Skydrive. You can also upload the created doodles to your Facebook account.

Petit Paint is freely available in the Photo category of the Windows store for free.

Petit Paint

Using Petit Paint to doodle

As you get to the main landing page of Petit Paint for the first time, the app will show you how to work with this app to doodle. Be sure about getting all the instructions by using the right and left arrow that are available on the interface. After that a plain white screen will appear. Its is the main drawing canvas that is available to you. As soon as you hit the right mouse button, a bottom flyout will be shown to you, where all the controls which are to be used would appear.

Petit Paint- Tools

Let me get you some idea about the tools that are available here:


You can use the pen option that is available here to start scribbling/ writing. As you start drawing, whatever you write would come in black color. But you can choose a color to scribble. For that, after choosing the pen option you can get to the circular color panel that is available on the lower left side of the drawing canvas.

Petit Paint-Color Panel

As you click on that panel, it will open as shown in the picture above. From the slider that is available on upper side of the panel, you can adjust the thickness of the pen. In the circular color plate that is available there, you can set the color. For that click and drag to that particular color. After selecting that color, you have to click on the upper circle given in this panel to close it. After that start scribbling on the canvas.


You may sometime commit some error, and for that you can use the eraser option.

Add Icon

You can use this option to add emoticons to the doodle you are creating. The only limitation is that you can’t add any other emoticon from your side. You can only use the emoticons that are available in the app itself.

Petit Paint-Emoticons

A large number of emoticons are available here to choose from.

Background and camera

These two options are available so as to choose the background image. In the background option, you can choose a background from your local storage, whereas the camera option will open up the camera of your system to take photo for the background.

In addition to all of these tools, there are also options available in the bottom flyout to save the created doodle and also to upload your doodle on your Facebook account.


As you choose this option, the option will open up your file explorer to locate where to save that doodle.


Use this option and the app will take your credentials to log into your profile. It will then open up your doodle and give an option to set a message with it. Then you can post it on Facebook.

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Key Features of Petit Paint

  • This Windows 8 Doodle app is freely available.
  • Create doodles with your custom backgrounds and camera photos.
  • Save these doodles on your local storage.
  • Upload doodles to Facebook.
  • Smooth working.

My Verdict

Going by my experience with the app, I want to conclude that Petit Paint is quite nice. Its pen is quite smooth. Along with that, its free availability makes it a must to use. Try it and share your experience with us.

Get Petit Paint here

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Works With: Windows 8
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