Virtual Office Platform with Audio Rooms, Avatar Builder, Slack, Spotify Integration

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Update: This tool has been shut down. We recommend you to use some other alternative instead.

This article covers a free online virtual office platform with audio rooms, avatar builder, and integration for Slack and Spotify. Teams communication tools like Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, Slack, etc. are being very helpful for the current work from home situation. But if you are looking for a full office experience where you can talk to anyone anytime and proper office hour timing, there Pragli might get your attention.

Pragli is a virtual office for remote teams. It is collaboration through communication type of platform where the whole team can join. It has virtual audio rooms where participants stay always connected with one another and communicate all the time just like the office. The interface shows you the team in a grid view; this is like an overview of everyone where you can check their status and connect with 1-click to talk feature. And, if video meetings are your need, you can do that too. Apart from that, there are other nifty features such as avatar builder, Spotify integration, and more. Let’s check it out in detail.

Virtual Office Platform with Audio Rooms, Avatar Builder, Slack, Spotify Integration

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Free Online Virtual Office with Audio Room

Pragli is absolutely free to use with no limit on users or anything. Anyone from the team can create teams on Pragli and invite the rest of them to join. It offers multiple signup options including Google, Microsoft, and GitHub, and has a desktop app as well. When everyone joins the team, it shows all the people in a grid view. This has small indicators for the availability and meeting status of each user.

free virtual office

All the controls are organized on the side panel where users can switch teams, set team status, and set office timing to close. Each user has permission to create audio rooms with others.


online virtual office

One of the highlights of this virtual office is avatars. Each user can create a custom avatar to mimic their looks, it is similar to Bitmoji on Snapchat. So if you don’t want to use a picture, you can create an avatar for the same.

Audio Rooms and Video Meetings

online free virtual office with audio office

Each user has an “Open/Close Gate” option that is used to make if the user is available to talk or not. The rooms are audio rooms where you can host audio meetings or just keep it active all the time. This way, you get an office environment where you can talk with teammates anytime by just pressing 1 button. Along with audio meetings, you can also switch to video meetings and share screens. On top of that, you can lock the room and also sent text messages for notes, etc. All the communication is securely encrypted & transmitted using WebRTC.


virtual office with video c

Last, but not least, Pragli has integration for Slack, Spotify, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Calendar. Spotify integration allows a user to show what they are listening. Slack integration is for teams that allow users to easily invite people from both platforms for meetings. And, the Google and Microsoft Calendar integration lets you bring your schedule to the platform.

Closing Words

Pragli is a virtual office platform that helps remote teams to be less lonely and communicate faster. With audio rooms, it brings the flexibility that lets users talk with others whenever needed. Then, it also packs other essential features such as video conference and screen sharing which makes it really good for collaboration. If you are looking for something to minimize the loneliness of working from then Pragli definitely worth a try.

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