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WireFrame Pro is a free powerful CJM editor to create beautiful Customer Journey Maps within minutes.

A customer journey map is a visual representation which depicts the various stages customers have to pass through when they interact with the company. This interaction can be for buying online products to contacting customer service over the phone to voicing their complaints on social media and much more.

This process is extremely important as these visual maps help the businesses to identify the pain points to ensure that no customer walks away. In the long run, the businesses gain an insight into the customer experiences so that they can be optimized.

You can choose to start from scratch in building your Customer Journey Map. Define and Add the various stages of the customer journey, add the Sections such as Activities, Expectations, and Experiences etc. for each Stage of the Journey and configure their types. The type of Section defines what data it can contain like text, image, icon or graph. Finally fill in the data for each section of every stage and your customer journey map is good to go.

You can also choose from the following pre-configured templates namely

1. Software Journey Map: This map template tries to identify the key stages for an establishment in purchasing some Software or App. The stages range from Awareness of the Product, to the Research, and its purchase followed by after sales support. You can modify and use the map to suit your products and their requirements.

2. Online Shopping Customer: This template describes the stages of a customer’s experience with an online business, right from the moment they are motivated to buy something to search and awareness of products to the stage when they complete the purchase.

3. Client Onboarding Map: This journey begins at the stage from when the client is still an unqualified lead and is evaluating your product. The Map defines the various stages of the sales process from nurturing the lead to closing the deal and onboarding the client.

Here are the steps in making a Customer Journey Map using WireFrame Pro

1. Navigate to the WireFrame website to start building your map. The link is provided at the end of this article.

2. Choose to start from scratch or use any of the templates defined above

3. Identify and Add all the stages of the customer journey depending upon the type of map that you are creating.

4. Add and Configure the sections like Experience, Expectations etc. corresponding to the Stages. Select the ‘Type of Section’ like Text, Image, Icon or Graph, based upon the interaction that is being defined. For example, if you are defining ‘Customer Satisfaction’ then you can choose to configure the section as a Graph so that you can visualize the data points of the graph for each stage. This gives an overall insight into the customer experience related to satisfaction.

5. Configure the aesthetics of the Map creatively, like Font, Background colors, Icons and their sizes etc. to generate a great visual appeal.

6. Finally export the map in .PNG or .SVG format for your analysis and research.

The free version has a limitation in that you cannot save the maps online and certain features are restricted. You can go for the paid version to remove all the limitations.


All in all, WireFrame Pro is a small and neat online tool for building Customer Journey Maps. It may not have the frills and powerful features of other similar map editors but it definitely enables to build your journey map easily and quickly without any prior skills. Obviously, you need to have all the data ready with you regarding the various customer interactions and activities beforehand.

Go ahead and try it out from this link and build yourself a beautiful Customer Journey Map within a few minutes.

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