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In this article, we will discuss a free online appointment scheduling software, called Setmore. This software can be used for various kind of appointment scheduling tasks. You can use it for any work that includes appointment scheduling such as, Spa, Salon, clinic, etc.

Setmore is well built, easy to use online appointment scheduling software. It offers appointment scheduling with 24 hours online booking feature. You can manage your staff, customers, and services. It lets you easily reschedule appointments by simple drag and drop and also informs the customer by sending an email.

You can create classes in Setmore and can set the entry fee along with the sitting capacity for a class; seats for a class can also be book online. You can also add online payment option which is for premium members only (Premium members also get an option for two way sync with Google Drive and Outlook). It has a built-in cash management feature called Cash Register, which is very good if you are dealing in cash. It has a chat option on screen at the bottom right corner from where you can easily get in touch with the Setmore team if you are having any issues using the software.

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Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software For Salon

How To Set Up This Online Appointment Scheduling Software?

Setmore is an online software, so you don’t have to install anything. The only thing you need is a computer with an internet connection. Go to Setmore website in your web browser. Click on Get Started and create an account on Setmore. After that confirm your email id and login into Setmore and you are ready to use it.

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Feature Of This Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Setmore is a feature rich online appointment management software. The first page that opens after login is a calendar. You will see a menu bar on the left side that contains Dashboard, Calendar, Customers, Apps and Integrations, and Settings.


Dashboard shows you an overview of the current week. At the top, it shows you the number of appointments you have and total estimated revenue. Total revenue is further broken down into confirmed revenue and projected revenue. Below that, it shows you current week’s schedule in a tab. The Schedule tab has a list of all the coming appointments as well as all the past appointments. Schedule tab has a Book Appointment button, you can book an appointment right from there. Along with Schedule tab, there is an Activity tab next to it. Activity tab shows all your activities on Setmore. Add an appointment, reschedule it, add a new customer, etc., anything you do will be shown in the Activity tab.

Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software For Salon


Calendar shows an overview of appointments. It sorts the appointments by the staff members so that you can easily track the schedule of an employee.  Setmore has three options for changing the calendar overview; Weekly Overview, Monthly Overview, and Daily Overview. In the Weekly Overview, it shows you all the appointments of a corresponding staff member for the week. Monthly Overview is same as Weekly Overview; instead of showing a week, it shows you the whole month. However, in case of Daily Overview, it shows you present day’s schedule of all staff members in separated columns.

Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software For Salon

Appearance options can be accessed by clicking on the Gear icon at the top right area. You can change the Staff members and calendar overview tabs to drop-downs and vice versa. It lets you enable/disable off-hours booking and custom service cost right from the calendar. You can easily access booking options and business hours options from here.

Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software For Salon


Customer menu has a list of all your customers. You can easily delete a customer from the list or can add one too. Clicking on a customer shows you the customer details and list of all his/her appointments. It has a Stat option that shows you a graphical representation of the number of appointments of that customer throughout the year. It also shows you how much worth of services the customer has taken so far, with a pie chart of services.

free online appointment management software

Apps & Integrations

This page contains links to the mobile app of Setmore for Android and iOS. It contains a list of social media platforms and services which you can integrate on your booking page.

You can configure your online booking page from here. You can set the business hours for your salon and manage what to show on the online appointment booking page. It lets you set the booking policies such as appointment lead time, booking slot size, and scheduling window time limit.

Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software For Salon


You can manage everything from the settings. Settings have six options: Accounts, Staff, Services, Payments, Classes, and Notifications.


This option contains all the preferences for Setmore. You can choose the default calendar overview and can select the week start day. It also lets you set calendar starting hour. You can export the appointment history for selected time period in an Excel sheet.

Free Online Appointment Management Software For Salon


This option has a list of all the staff members. Clicking on a staff member shows you staff member’s details and services he/she provides. It also shows you the working hours and breaks of that staff member along with a Time Off option, which shows time off information if a member is taking time off from the salon. You can easily add new staff or delete existing ones anytime. You can assign login permissions for staff members and can limit their activities.

Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software For Salon


Services show you a list of all the services offers by the salon. You can create categories for services and can easily add or delete services. During adding a service, it asks you to select the staff members who can provide that service.

Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software For Salon


You can configure the payments options for your salon here. You can select from online payments or cash payments method. The online payment gateway is a premium feature, though, but you can still use the Setmore built-in Cash Register. Cash register system simplifies cash transactions. It keeps a record of all the transactions and creates invoices for each payment. It links payments with appointments in your scheduling calendar.

online appointment scheduling software

You can choose whether you want payments while online booking (which requires an online payment gateway; a premium feature). If yes you can choose if you want full payment or half at the time of online appointment booking. You can check the Payment Transaction History anytime by clicking on History button.


This online appointment booking software also lets you create classes. It will be a usual offline class but it will add details to your online page with an option to online book passes for the class. You can add sessions to a class and can create Private Classes.

online appointment booking software


You can customize all the notification settings from here. It lets you customize the notification emails for various events like sending a notification email on appointment booking, appointment confirmation, etc. You can manage the notifications settings for staff too.

Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software For Salon

How To Add An Appointment In This Online Appointment Managment Software?

Adding an appointment is very easy. You can add an appointment in the calendar by directly selecting the date and time. It will bring an Add Appointment dialog that contains three options at the top: Details, Customers, and Payments. Fill up the details in the Details tab, such as select the service, and select the staff member who will provide the service. In the Customer tab, select the customer from the list or add a new customer.  It also lets you set a label for an appointment such as paid, confirmed, running-late, etc. that will be shown on appointments in the calendar. And last, it shows you payments options, which is cash for the free users. You can add more items/services or discount from here. As soon as you add payments in an appointment, the label changes to paid. It generates a payment slip that you can print.

Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software For Salon

Payment options can be accessed for any appointment by clicking on that appointment on the calendar.

Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software For Salon

You can also create an appointment from the Dashboard where you have to enter the date and time along with all the details. You can reschedule an appointment by simple drag and drop, and Setmore will inform the customer by sending a notification via email.

How To Book An Appointment Online?

Setmore creates a web page of your business at Setmore domain from where people can book an appointment online. Link to that page is in Settings > Apps & Integrations.

Booking an appointment online is very easy and straightforward. Customer needs to go to the web page for your business and log in with Setmore ID or via Google or Facebook. Select the service from the list and the employee whose service customer wants. Select the date and time for the appointment (It will only show you free time slot of that employee). After that fill-up details and confirm the appointment.

After customer confirms the appointment, you will get a notification. You can also reschedule the appointment if you need to.

online appointment booking software


Closing Words:

Setmore is a very good online appointment scheduling software. It gives you an overview of all appointments with confirmed and estimated revenue. The Cash Register keeps the tracks of all the payments. You can take your local business online with Setmore very easily. Overall if you are running a spa, salon or some kind of related business, give it a try.

Go to Setmore.

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