Free Browser-based Privacy-First Video Converter, Compressor

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This article covers a free browser-based privacy-first video transcoder to convert, compress, trim, and combine videos. To perform such video tasks, you either have to download a respective tool on your system or use a website where you have to upload your videos first.

Modfy is a free video transcoder that eliminates both these cases. It is a browser-based tool that processes all your videos within the browser locally without uploading any of your data online. All you have to do is open the website and the tool loads in your browser. Then you can just add your videos and pick an operation to perform.

Free Browser-based Privacy-First Video Converter, Compressor

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Free Browser-based Privacy-First Video Converter, Compressor

Bring a browser-based tool, Modfy is platform-independent, you can use it on any operating system as long as you have a supported web browser. Then you can just visit the Modfy website to access the editor.

browser based video converter

The editor has a column view where you can add your video files on the left and explore the available features on the left. All the indicator and processing is shown at the bottom of the screen along with a download option to save the final output. There are two modes, Basic Features and All Features.

online privacy focussed video converter

Basic Features

The Basic Features mode includes the following operations that you can perform on your video files:

  • Convert
  • Combine
  • Compress
  • Trim/Cut
  • Photo-Montages
  • Combine-Videos
  • Aspect Ratio

For each operation, you can choose the format and codec for the output video.

All Features

The All Features mode brings workflows and custom run commands to the table. With this mode, you can setup workflow to perform any of the supported operations on multiple videos consecutively.

Closing Words

You can use the Modfy video transcoder to convert, compress, combine, trim the video on the go. There is no need to download anything, you can just open the website and load the editor to process your videos locally. It is a quick platform-independent option for such types of tasks that keep your videos private without uploading anything online.

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