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Roundio is a free online application with which people all around the world can chat with each other with their location marked on the world map. You can use it to make new distant pen pals or potentially use it as a free chatroom with your real friends. Additionally Roundio also has a service that lets you browse pictures taken at a location as uploaded on Instagram.

This free chat application of Roundio is structured with a simple Google Map and a message box for chatting. You might encounter people who speak different languages. For that, Google Translate has been integrated to translate the languages. As mentioned earlier, Roundio also locates pictures taken at a place tagged on Instagram. So if you want the pictures of a famous landmark, you’ll find lots of them if you browse the area near the landmark. Apart from Instagram, you’ll also find photos uploaded to Flickr, but not in a large number.


So without taking much time, let me show you what Roundio can do. If you like exploring the world, I am pretty sure you’ll like GeoGuessr. It’s a game where you have to identify locations based on the Google Map Street View.

How to Chat With People All over the World Using Roundio

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To chat with people round the globe, go to Roundio and click on ‘New Feaure! Try the Chat Map’. This will open a Google Map with a chat box at the bottom. When you enter your chat, it’ll appear on the world map on the co-ordinates that Google thinks you are on. Google basically traces your IP address and points the corresponding location on the map. That way you can see chats pop out all over the map. If you don’t know the location of a particular person, click on the date and time of his/her chat to locate on the map.



You might encounter people speaking different languages. If you click on a chat message, you’ll be automatically redirected to Google Translate with the translation of the chat.

How to Find Instagram Photos of a Location on Roundio


On the main Roundio page, click on ‘Click to Explore!’ and you’ll be directed to the Google Map with a crosshair on the middle. On the bottom you will find a slider which you can use to change the radius in which the Instagram photos will be searched. When point the crosshair to a location, the bottom panel will be populated with Instagram and Flickr photos that were tagged with that location.

Final Words

Roundio is an awesome service which helps you explore the world around. With the ability to find Instagrams of a location, you can explore monuments. The world chat helps you meet new people and discover their culture. The only drawback I found was in world chat. It would’ve been a better idea if one could go to a user’s chat by clicking the user’s location. However, the feature of with all the above points taken into consideration, I award Roundio with 4.7 stars.

Try Roundio here.

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